Friday Mar 17, 2006

Package from Sweden arrived

I and Marcus Svensson bet for some beers when there was hockey match Sweden X Czech Republic at Olympic games 2006 in Tourino.
Sweden won the match, unfortunatelly ;) I won the bet.

Marcus sent me a package with beers and some other swedish staff. It arrived yesterday. Thank you, Marcus.
The packege itself was almost damaged but the stuff survived the fly. All the small bottles with different kinds of Absolut vodka didn't break. The cans with original Swedish beer didn't explode on airplane.

It was on Thursday. Today Fabiola came back from Mexico and she brought some small bottles of tequilla. It looks like in some shop in our office right now...

Wednesday Mar 15, 2006

Working from Chodov (it is different than Work from home)

I spent almost whole yesterday in the new Sun's building here in Prague. Sun is growing and all the new people couldn't fit in the offices in the current building at Hadovka (Dejvice). So we are moving to new location. The move will be long process. The last team will move at beginning of the last year.

I had a personal business near the new building in morning. There was all-hand meeting with Jeff Jackson and Linda Park afternoon. I didn't want to waste time on way to opposite side of Prague to my regular office and back again.

I stayed in the new offices. It was easy to find a empty flexible office, log to the phone, connect to the sun network and work from there. WTF, I forgot my notebook AC adapter. Wait! There is the Sun Ray in every flexible office. Cool. I can continue in my work. I found only the following issues. My badge doesn't work in the new building (my fault). I don't know where to park my car - the shopping center wasn't the best choice, the parking is free for only five hours. Where is a nice restaurant for lunch?

Wednesday Mar 08, 2006

Fighting with XSLT. Get unique node set.

There was an interesting problem today. How to use XSLT to get unique node set from xml document. I wemt throught google and didn't found answer that would satisfy the needs :(
Maybe you are XSLT expert? Please answer... I forgot to note XSLT 1.0, please.
The input is
 <y a="1" b="1" c="1" />
 <y a="1" b="1" c="2" />
 <y a="1" b="2" c="3" />
 <y a="1" b="2" c="1" />
 <y a="2" b="2" c="5" />
 <y a="3" b="1" c="6" />
and the output should be
 <y a="1" b="1" c="1, 2" />
 <y a="1" b="2" c="3, 1" />
 <y a="2" b="2" c="5" />
 <y a="3" b="1" c="6" />
It means I would like to group the input by a, b.
Any ideas?

Thursday Mar 02, 2006

What camera should I buy

I miss my camera a lot. It was nice small compact Olympus Mju 300 (caled Stylus in America). It was stolen almost one year ago. I'm thinking about new one. I want to spent too much money on it. I definitelly don't need huge camer for professional photos. On the other hand I'd like to try something little bit more advanced with more features then the Olympus Mju. The Mju was perfect for snapshots. I took it everywhere because it was really small.

My specification of the camera: at least 4 mega pixels, manual setting of time..., not big, not small, price up to 250$ (max 300 including 512MB card).
I ended with two Canons. A610 and A520.
Do you have recommendation for different cameras? Different opinions? Your experience? Thank you.

Monday Feb 27, 2006

My new car - Renault Megane

I bought the car a week ago. It is my first car. Yes, first. I never had a car before. I never have to have a car. When you live in big city (haha - is 1.5M big enough?) you don't need a car. there is public transport! But things changes... and Megane Combi 1.6 16V comes. I hope that I'll enjoy it long time....

There are pictures, of course:

Wednesday Feb 15, 2006

I'm using my own advices

The web interace of didn't work well for me today evening (yes, it's evening in Prague). I cannot post a blog entry. I could write it etc. but I cannot publish it. The provided date was something liket.2.uu the jroller did accept it asvalid date :(

What can I do? I wanna post!

I had to find my own advice - What to do when you cannot log in to write your post?. I just followed the step and I was able to post this and the previous post :) Funny situation... It seems that my blog can be usefull. I never expect it... I'll have to remember that every blog entry can be useful for somebody ;)

Czech Republic x Germany 4:1

Yabba Dabba Doo
They did it! Ok, I know it was only the first match... They were tired etc... Who cares? ;) Time to celebrate. No way! I'll wait for the final :). I remember the hangover from last time. I'll rather watch next match. The team of Slovakia interest me too (I'm sorry, Marcus ;) ) I cross my finger for "Dominator" Hasek
Do you expect something more serious on this blog at this time? Look at this and try debug application in your pocket.

Friday Feb 10, 2006

Party, celebration, talks, Demi Moore and hangover

There was release party for the 5.0 release yesterday. I didn't take a picture from there :( (I know that a few people made pictures there - could you send me a picture by email for publishing in this blog entry? Thanks, Rudo for the pictures.)

When I came to the pub where they organized the party I thought "WTF, it's really small. How we will fit in that". It was really crawded. IMO, we were lucky that some people didn't come ;) There was some kind of fork buffet and the beer was for free. I cannot remember how many I had. Well, it's understandable - who would count the beers when you don't have to pay ;)
Today I'm working from home and it seems like good choice. I can sleep to be fit and work til late night. There is lot of work to do (like 1, 2). Back to the party... Maybe you are wondering why there is Demi Moore's name in the title of this blog entry. Well, it's because of Geertjan ;) We had interesting talk yesterday. Lot of people found his blog just because he mentioned the Demi name in a post. The google is crazy. I have a different example - I blogged a few times about Roumen. When you will look for Roumen in google I'm the first found entry (wow, it doesn't work now). Not Roumen's blog but my entry about Roumen, crazy.
We missed you Roumen yesterday. The party was great! The food, beer, people... everything. The worst part of party is my hangover today morning. I didn't drink for really long time and it was great opportunity for celebration yesterday. It seems that I won't rather check grammatic mistakes (I never do) in this post and I'll post it. Does this post seem chaotic? Have a nice time and celebrate the NB 5.0

Friday Feb 03, 2006

My flights

When I read Geoff Arnold blog a found a link to Great Circle Mapper tool. I played for a while with that tool and I recorded all my flights. It looks like I flew more than 50.000 km. I would never expect this number. I don't fly too often...

All my flights
From To Distance
PRG (50°06'03"N 14°15'36"E) TLV (32°00'41"N 34°53'12"E) 2636 km
TLV (32°00'41"N 34°53'12"E) PRG (50°06'03"N 14°15'36"E) 2636 km
PRG (50°06'03"N 14°15'36"E) SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'30"W) 9400 km
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'30"W) PRG (50°06'03"N 14°15'36"E) 9400 km
PRG (50°06'03"N 14°15'36"E) MIR (35°45'29"N 10°45'17"E) 1618 km
MIR (35°45'29"N 10°45'17"E) PRG (50°06'03"N 14°15'36"E) 1618 km
VIE (48°06'37"N 16°34'11"E) BKK (13°54'45"N 100°36'24"E) 8430 km
BKK (13°54'45"N 100°36'24"E) VIE (48°06'37"N 16°34'11"E) 8430 km
PRG (50°06'03"N 14°15'36"E) EFL (38°07'12"N 20°30'02"E) 1421 km
EFL (38°07'12"N 20°30'02"E) PRG (50°06'03"N 14°15'36"E) 1421 km
PRG (50°06'03"N 14°15'36"E) HER (35°20'23"N 25°10'49"E) 1863 km
HER (35°20'23"N 25°10'49"E) PRG (50°06'03"N 14°15'36"E) 1863 km
Total: 50737 km

The map is interesting too.

Thursday Feb 02, 2006

In bed with flu

Life is like box of ox of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get
Forrest Gump.

I spent the last week releasing the 5.0 Well, not only me but everybody. It is the most stressful part of the process. The time close to the release date. I'm always scared what will fu\*k up. There are always problems that need to be solved in last minute. I was so happy that all the release candidates are out without any major problem. And that all the fixes were verified etc... I remember the last release. It was the nightmare too.
Surprisingly, this time a nasty bug appeared in last time. I always wonder - how we missed it... The small fixes are the worst.... But finally it's finished and I can enjoy my flu...

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