Monday Jun 12, 2006

Cannon A530. My new camera. Finally!

I bought new digital camera. It is Canon A530. I'm looking forward to take pictures with it.
It has 1 and 2/3 times more megapixels then my Olympus Mju300 that has been stolen. It was more than two times cheaper. It's crazy how the electronic stuff gets cheaper every day...

thank you for all advices...

Thursday Jun 08, 2006

Hard life of flash animators

I never thought that life of animated figures can be so hard...
There are even more animations...

Thursday Jun 01, 2006

More JavaOne pictures

I finally processed all the pictures from the JavaOne. It was amazing conference. My first time, of course.
Lot of interesting announcements, lot of promises for the future. It seems to me that the future is bright for mobile devices and Mobility Pack ;)

I'm glad that I met so many people face to face. They are not only names in email no more. Nice to meet you Iwan, Ove, Edgar, John, Charles, Mary, Simon, Karl, Egon and many more names that I've forgot unfortunatelly...

View from my window in W hotel

view of Bay bridge

view of Thirsty Bear

Spotted Party In Thirsty Bear
There was small private unofficial party on Monday after NetBeans Day in Thirsty Bear. I call it "Spotted Party. Look at the pictures and you'll know why...

James Gosling + Scott McNealy Keynote on Friday

I already wrote some blog entries about this keynote and about the Mobility team superstars - Petr and Martin.
Following pictures show the rest of the keynote. I stopped to take pictures after the JSR209 demo. I missed the winners of the Slot Car Racing Challenge and Tommy the vehicle
The first pictures are from Scott's "Top 10 Best Things About Not Being CEO". Do yu want to see the whole keynote? Follow the link.

After Dark Party

This was the closing party for JavaOne 2006. There was a band play rock'n'roll, the MythBusters and the t-shirt hurling contest. I almost forgot about Fidelity who killed everybody in an RPG...
Everybody got 2 points to spend for beer/drink or whatever. Too big, too long queues, it ended too early ;)

the name of the band was AC/DShe
guess why...

Wednesday May 24, 2006

Only silver - congrats to Tre Kronor

Sweden x Czech Republic 4-0

I missed this match. They didn't play it in TV in San Francisco. Congratulations to Tre Kronor fans (especially to Marcus). They won, as first team in the history, the Olympic games and the World Championship in the same year. 4:0? How come?

Tuesday May 16, 2006

Spotted party

If you were at Thirsty Bear on Monday evening you probably woke up with a green spot somewhere at your body or wear. Everybody was spotted. It started by incident. Later when there was lot of people with spots on their forehead the rest started to ask for more. Nobody knew what it meant but they liked it ;)
Explanatin for those that gathered the spots. (IMO, the waitress had most of them) The green spot meant nothing. It was just for fun.

Does anybody have a picture from that party?

UPDATE: I published some pictures in this post

Friday May 05, 2006

Friday afternoon in our office

Anton is still playing with his new toy (the Canon camera). I had to publish another picture of our Prague office from him because I like this shot. It's Friday afternoon 5 PM and we are still discussing some issues here.
What is interesting on the picture? It isn't Luky - the men sitting on the boxes but the Russian poem from Pushkin on the blackboard and the Russian poster on the door. Seems that new co-worker Anton influenced us ;) The poster on the door is cool. It says - "Night cannot stop work". That definitelly fits to Mobility Pack team.

LinkedIn - they got me

I joined the socializing tool After less then month I built a network with 34 connections. Cool.

Thursday Apr 20, 2006

Party for number three

We had a small party last week. Three members of the Mobility team celebrated their birthday. We started in one pub at Zizkov. Zizkov has the highest number of pubs per capita of any city district in Europe... Who knows. I never counted them. It's quite easy to find a pub that fits to you. There is lot of music clubs too. It was quite suprising for me that nothing change here in last three years.

There are some pictures from the party... Anton had a bright new camera. We had to stop him from taking pictures of everything - we stole him batteries.

Me, Anton and Adam

You can guess my age. Two hints for computer geeks... 11110 and 1E.

Friday Apr 14, 2006

Night trams in Prague

I hate them! I had to use a night tram yesterday night after long time again. I should probably explain why I hate them... All it started when the night tram driver closed the doors and left. We were running like crazy for at least 400m and he closed the doors when we almost touched the tram. It seems to me like a stupid game from his side... We should wait for the next night tram at least next 20 minutes. It was better to walk 'cause I have to change the lines anyway.

The public transportation quality differs regarding on the traffic during the day but the night trams are really horrible. The public transportation net is quite good here in Prague. You can get whenever you want. The fastest is obviously metro (subway). Unfortunatelly the metro ends at midnight and then the time for night trams comes.

Have you ever tried them here in Prague? Everybody should try it. It is unforgettable expirience. All the night trams meet at one station and you can change the line here. All the trams are crawded with drunk people. There are usually at least two homelesses in every tram. The tram stinks. All the people are falling asleep because it is too hot inside. When you sit down to a seat you can easily miss your stop...

Tuesday Mar 21, 2006

Fit for presenting in English

Uff, it's after second day of the three days training. It's interesting. I feel totally exhausted after all the new information that I've got and all the presentation exercices I had to go through.
It finished after 6 PM and I have even a home work for tomorrow (yes, you're right. I had to prepared one for today already).

I like this quote from the course - "The amateurs have to practice, practice, practice till they are good.
The professionals have to practice, practice, practice till they aren't wrong".

Hmmm, seems that I don't really remember the sentence correctly... Can you fix it?

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