Wednesday May 27, 2009

Some Fun in San Francisco

We arrived to San Francisco yesterday. Fortunately we had the new package of mouth-screens from Japan. Extremely lovely 3D stuff. We had to wear it because of the swine flu. I didn't liked the mouth-screen too much. However you should see the faces of the other people at the airport. They probably thought that we are infected.

Then we decided to fight with the jetleg. And that's always problem after the long flights. There is only a few things that help. Margarita is one of then :)

Today we worked in Sun's offices in Menlo Park. MPK16. During a walk to lunch we found Fabi that tried to steal the Project BlackBox from the park inside the Sun's campus. What a crazy idea!

You are right. The true is that the picture is fake. We prepared it. However everything else is real - Fabi and Project BlackBox ;)

Thursday Aug 28, 2008


Once upon a time there was a fridge. It was used to store things by employees of unnamed company that I work for. Inside the fridge was a red bull can but one day the can disappeared. You can say who cares, of course. But there was somebody who cared - the red bull owner. He was looking for it everywhere. Unsuccessfully. At the end he sticked a sign to the fridge asking the somebody who "lent" to return it. Nobody did.

We were very sad about it. We wanted to help the poor unhappy college. And we started gathering a money for new Red Bull can. After a few days we had enough money for new can. Actually, we had enough for two cans. So, I bought them. You can see on the picture how the red bull cans returned to the owner. Can you see the happy smile on the face of the sitting guy?

That was just a short story about the company culture in SUN office in Prague. Ehm, I mean the gathering not the stealing ;)

Wednesday May 30, 2007

Why are the international calls so difficult from USA

When I was in San Francisco I wanted to call home. It became a horrible experience to me to make an international call from a public phone in US.
First time I wanted to call from a public phone at the Moscone. I had enough quarters however I was not able to make the call. I always ended up with a message that sound like "too many attemps try dial again please". I gave up after 20 minutes.

Next time I tried it from a phone on a street. The same situation repeated. This time I even spoke with an operator from AT&T. It didn't help. At least it returned all my quarters that I throw in the machine.

I realized that it could be easier and maybe cheaper to buy a prepaid phone card to make the call. I went to the Information center on Market street, bought 5$ card. I tried it directly there from a free call phone. No way. It didn't work again. The only thing that I achieve was that there is 4$ less on the prepaid card. WTF? How come? The only thing that I heard from the receiver was a "tutututu" tone. I gave up again.

Next day I realized that I should figure out what's going on. And how come that they took 4 dollars from the account for nothing. I called to an operator again. I didn't understand the explanation. I only remember that the they are not able to recognize if I spoke to somebody or if I just listen to the ringing tone. That's really nice. I paid for listening to a ring phone. There is one more thing that I remembered - they expect that the city code in the number is only two digits. (You know - phone number = country code + city code + user number). Hey, some of the city codes in Czech Republic are 3 digits. I was not able to call these numbers.

I really didn't get it. I can go to any public phone in Czech Republic and call whatever number I want. It will connect me without any problem. I will not pay for the ringing tone. In US it was real nightmare.
I finally called home - thank you, skype.

Friday Jan 05, 2007

5 Things You Probably Don't Know...

I was wondering what means the blog entries "5 Things You Probably Don't Know...". I never(almost) reply or continue in chain messages that I receive by email.
This chain blob message is different. I have been tagged by Roumen. Everybody will know if I'll stop the chain. Therefore 5 things that you definitely haven't known about me.
  • I jumped by parachute (two times). It was amazing experience.
  • I had spent one year in the Czech army before the mandatory military service in Czech Republic was canceled in 2004. From 2005 the army consist of professional soldiers only.
  • My son has blue eyes.
  • bye, bye my reputation. I finished my final exams on the second try. I failed in the first try because I didn't finish the diploma work on time (I started in new job instead).
  • I'd like to drive a Porsche 911 Carrera S. I like the car. Maybe I'll buy it sometimes...

Who will I tag? Suchys (he has lot of things to share...), jeddi, Marian (I'm quite interested if the chain will continue to Czech or Slovak Republic), Hikmond, and .JARa.

Sunday Dec 17, 2006

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year

Finally vacations! I will enjoy the end of this year and Christmas time in my home town with my family.

I wish you all the best in the next year!

Are you ready for the Santa (Klaus)?

Sunday Jul 23, 2006

Russian Roulette from Bakov Devils

Bakov devils is group of bike fans from small town Bakov nad Jizerou in Czech Republic. They organize a mountain bike orienting competion. Because the competion happens in old military area that was occupied by Russin soldiers they call it . You never know where you'll meat a piece of old ammunition...
I took part in three of the five Russian Rouletes that had happened already. Every year I place the worse place than previous year. Either the competion is better and better or I'm worse and worse :)
There are some pictures from the fifth year that happend on June 18.
There is only one shot from real action. You know it's hard to take pictures when you have to ride. There is more pictures available in
Bakov Devils' photo gallery.

I like this type of biking competion - you get a map with checkpoints that have assigned value by difficulty. There is specified time limit for the competion (e.g. 6 hours). You will lost some points for every minute that you get over the limit. It's up to you what way you'll go or how far/much you'll ride...
The Bakov Devils organize the same action in winter. Biking on snow is really funny... They call it Russian Siberia. I took part in it once... The pictures say it all.

Sunday Jul 02, 2006

New House

I'm moving to new house this weekend. I'm really looking forward to this step. Above are pictures from the front side and the back side.
To be honest it isn't "new house" but only new flat... ;)

I cannot walk to work anymore 'cause the house is outside of Prague. Bye bye morning walks to work and view to the Prague castle. I'll have to drive to metro and use public transport to opposite part of town. It'll hopefully be better when NetBeans team will move to new offices at Chodov. I can bike to work then.

More pictures from different stages of the building of the house

Sunday Jun 18, 2006

Czech Republic - Ghana 0:2

What happend to the team that beat USA 3:0? It seemed to me like a different team of players. They were slower, they didn't score. I'm really looking forward for the next match of Czech team. I'll cross fingers...

The last matches in the group E will be really interesting. Czechs have to win if they want to continue. All four teams in the group E have chance to continue.

Tuesday Jun 13, 2006

FIFA World Cup x Super Bowl

There was a comment on my yesterday blog entry about the FIFA World Cup in Germany that force me to thing about the cultural differencies again. At first the comment:
I didn't even know the USA had a soccer team? What is this World Cup thing? Is it like the Super Bowl?
Posted by Matt Dowell ( on June 12, 2006 at 09:56 PM CEST # 
(Unfortunatelly I had to delete the post entry where the comment was posted because it was duplicate of this entry)
It is unbelivable that Matt doesn't know anything about World Cup and soccer. BUT do I know anything about Super Bowl? Yes, I do, a little bit. It's in USA. It's about american footbal. BUT I'm not sure that I'm right... Isn't it funny? Lot of people thinks that anybody can understand them. Sometimes it's more difficult, sometimes you have to ask and you have to listen more to be able to understand... Can you explain me what is the Super Bowl?

Back to World Cup in Soccer
In Czech Republic we call soccer with name fotbal. I thought that it is similar to English football but wikipedia sayz something different : While it is widely believed that the word football, or "foot ball", originated in reference to the action of a foot kicking a ball, there is a rival explanation, which has it that football originally referred to a variety of games in medieval Europe, which were played on foot.

The FIFA World Cup happens every four years. The national teams from countries from all continents that pass through qualification play soccer to find the best one on the world. This year the tournament is in Germany. Now the teams are divided into 8 groups. There are 4 teams in every group. The most interested group for me is Group E - Czech Republic, Italy, Ghana, USA.
Two teams from every group will pass to "Round of 16". Then Quarter-finals, etc... Of course, it ends with finale ;)

I hope that it's now more obvious what is the more than billion of people watching every day...

Monday Jun 12, 2006

Czech fans - Get ready. USA x CZE is here

I hope that even when Milan Baros will not play the Czech team will beat USA.
Is anybody watching the game on the other side of the ocean?
There have to be at least 45 fans as I've found in Sun TipWC2006 application on nflabs server.
I go home to watch it with my wife. She will be suprised 'cause I forget to tell her about the match... ;)

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