Sunday May 24, 2009

jOpenSpace 2009

OpenSpace is new format of conference or we should can it rather un-conference.

Last year I attended the first jOpenSpace conference organised by Srakyi and guys from Inmite. It was awesome experience. Last weekend I attended second year. The event happened in the same cottage "Jizerka" as the last year. It was weekend full of information about Java and technologies. There was also lot of fun etc.

Last year everybody took it too much seriously (it means we spent the whole weekend in room with beamer and talked about java) so I was little bit afraid that it could be the exact opposite way this year. I was really surprised. It seemed to me that organisers managed to find the right balance between the sessions and other relaxing activities. Breath taking was the set of lighting talks that followed the format "7 minutes is enough". Sometimes it was hard to explain the whole problem/solution/topic in 7 minutes. And because we had 2 rooms we split into two separated groups during the open space talks. Because we managed to keep all the talks in 7 minutes there was space for almost everybody to show something interesting about Java, programming or IT.

We relaxed in late evenings with beers however most of the discussions were about Java again. The most successful hands on lab from last year had to be repeated. IMO, everybody would agree that the "hands on wine" deserves to be repeated every year. And believe or not the location for next event should be a wine cellar (as the rumor sayz).
Jizerske mountains are nice place even if you got lost and have to cross Jizera river by foot. Fortunately, the river is born close to place were we took a "shortcut" and we were able to jump over it.

I definitely enjoyed the whole jOpenSpace again. I will not list the lighting talks and the openspace discussions here as you can find them on the conference pages - The records from sessions will be published soon including audio and even video records!

My favourite talks and discussions were "Hands on wine", "Cloud Computing - next SOA?", "OpenSolaris - ssytem for operators", "What problems you should solve as first", "Scrum accessories", "PIM & google map" and definitely some others that I don't remember now ;)

I'm looking forward for next year. I will pray to java gods to invite me again as the un-conference is per invitation only. OTOH, there was a short call for papers. Watch the around April next year. Maybe there will be again some call for papers and you will be able to attend third year of jOpenSpace. Or I have even better idea - organise another un-conference by yourself ;)


Wednesday May 06, 2009

Trip to JavaOne canceled

Yesterday, they canceled my trip to JavaOne. I'm really angry. That should be the best JavaOne ever. 3 proposals accepted. I spent some nights preparing the Hands-on lab materials. I feel that the Cloud will kill me. Or at least it is making everything cloudy.

If you are going to J1 then say hello to Golden Gate for me. And enjoy the conference, of course. There is plenty of nice sessions, don't forget to visit some of the parties (Jboss, Glassfish, etc.), and there will be CommunityOne day on Monday again.

Looot of good stuff that I'll miss.

Friday Mar 06, 2009

Saying bye to NetBeans...

After 8 years with NetBeans IDE it's time for a change. I accepted offer to join a new group that will work closely with the Q-layer company that SUN has bought recently. It's a new challenge, a new opportunity to learn new things and also chance to be part of team that builds up a new product. It was wonderful time with the guys/gals that are beyond the NetBeans IDE. I'll stay in touch as I really like the NetBeans - ok, ok, not the whole NetBeans IDE. My favorite parts are Mobility and Platform.

I won't have time to write blogs about the new in NetBeans platform as I did together with the NB Platform QE team at As I said I plan to stay in the huge crowd of NetBeans fans so I may blog about some news time to time. However it will be probably harder and harder because I've just moved to another office where I won't have daily chats with the guys working on NetBeans IDE. On the other hand I promised to Geertjan to work on the NBPodcast with him. Lot of changes happened here in last month(s).

-So long, and thanks for all the beans-

Before you'll ask what I'll do now... Right now I have head in Clouds. I'm looking at new SUN's cloud solution (whatever it means).

Thursday Feb 19, 2009

JavaOne 2009 - two hands on lab accepted

That's great news (at least for me). They accepted two of two proposals for hands-on lab that I submitted. That's the best result that I've ever achieved ;) If you are curious what happened to your proposals for sessions or BOFs then please note that this are hands-on labs(HOL). The HOLs proposals can be submitted only by SUNs employees and the acceptance process is little bit different than in case of sessions and BOFs. I'm looking forward if any of the sessions that we submitted will be accepted too.

The proposals:
  • Save Your Time : Build Quickly Apps With RCP - (Lukas Hasik, Jiri Rechtacek) - In this hands-on lab we will show you how you can easily port an existing Swing application into an application based on NetBeans RCP/Platform. Then we will enhance existing functionality of the application with set of features that would be hard to implement on your own but are provided by the platform. The result of the session will be cool professionally-looking and easily extensible application that demonstrates the main APIs of the NetBeans Platform.
  • Touch your application! - Building slick, touch-enabled UI for Java ME - (Lukas Hasik, Karol Harezlak) - During this hand-on lab participants will learn about challenges and problems in every day UI development for Java ME for touch screen based devices. This hand-on lab will also explain architecture the Rich SVG UI widgets. The Rich SVG UI touch enabled library helps to speed up process of designing slick and modern UI for touch screen devices. During this hand-on lab we are going to discuss most common scenarios for this type of UI development illustrated by source code examples as well as UI screen shots and schemas. At the end of the hands-on lab the attendees can take the application home in their phones. As the Rich SVG UI widgets supports also devices without touch screen the application will work on most of the devices with SVG API for J2ME(JSR226).

There is lot of work on these HOLs as they are bright new ones based on latest features in NetBeans IDE. Another thing is if there will be money for the trip to California.

Thursday Jan 15, 2009

Another Product of the Year Award for NetBeans

"It is worth noting that in the past Sun has been able to dominate many categories, but it took multiple products to achieve that distinction. This year one product, NetBeans, dominated the categories by winning five out of twelve." -

Congratulations to NetBeans! They won following categories.
  • Development Tool - NetBeans Platform
  • Development Utilities - NetBeans Profiler
  • Wireless/Mobile - NetBeans Mobility Pack for Connected Device Configuration (CDC) 5.5
  • Java Tool - NetBeans IDE
  • Open Source - NetBeans
I'm quite confused about the victory of the Mobility Pack for CDC 5.5. Isn't it quite old release? I worked on it a few years ago. However the developers voted therefore it's their choice.

Monday Dec 22, 2008

NetBeans 6.5 in numbers

NetBeans 6.5 is available for a while. It is time for a summarization of the wins and lost during the release.
Let talk the numbers and graphs.

To get the release out of the door took us 28 weeks. There were 13584 bugs reported and 8743 bugs fixed. Overall number of resolved bugs in 6.5 was 14519. 31% of fixed issues was reported by community.

allP1 P2 P3 P4 P5
Fixed in 6.587436602981479228624
Fixed in 6.150221592435281215429
Fixed in 6.01784716086316920464970
Resolved in 6.5145199703991887661468
Resolved in 6.181336382140498432150
Resolved in 6.02893223908923162461201172
Reported in 6.51358477232948498918102
Reported in 6.179696021912479657287
Reported in 6.02666020797328151471886220
Reported by community in 6.5
# of issues5868262782436538772
% from all reported43%34%24%51%42%71%
fixed in 6.5272115759118621038
% from all fixed31%24%20%39%36%33%
Reported by NetCAT in 6.5
# of issues1297631879409116
% from all reported10%8%6%11%10%16%
[65cat] fixed in 6.557144130382141
% from all fixed21%28%22%21%14%13%

Resolved contra reported issues

Opened bugs in time

  • Reported issue - issue reported against a version
  • Resolved issue - issue solved in a version. Means closed as WorksForMe, Duplicate, WontFix
  • Fixed issue - issue fixed in a version. Bug fix can be verified in a build older then the Target Milestone
  • NetCAT program - NetBeans IDE 6.5 Community Acceptance Testing program

Sunday Dec 21, 2008

[WARNING] Will Issuezilla survive?

After long discussions in NetBeans Core team we decided to move issues from openide and core components to platform component in Issuezilla. If you are interested how the subcomponents will look after the change - look at CoreQEIssuezillaAndModules.
The main reason for the move is that it is easier to understand what platform means to more users than the the core/openide concept that became too complicated. And therefore it should be easier to enter new issues. We will also close the openide/core components for new issues.

It also means to move the old issues to the new location. Unfortunately, CollabNet who is the owner of the Issuezilla and the only one who could update these issues directly in database won't help us. Therefore we have to do it by ourself. This move will generate thousands of emails to all the reporters, owners and people on CC. To reduce the number of emails we will move "only" those issues that are opened or were changed in last 2 years. Anyway, it means to move almost 5500 issues. We apologize for all the emails generated by the move.

The move will happen from 22nd to 23rd December 2008. The worst scenario is that CollabNet infrastructure won't survive so many emails and changes in the Issuezilla. And the will be down for a while. We hope that the whole move will happen smoothly without problems. Thank you for understanding if a problem with will appear.

Openide 24 -
Core 23 -
Platform 1(www) 28(-www)

Friday Nov 14, 2008

NetBeans 10th Birthday Articles

I just went to the NetBeans 10th Birthday page and I found lot of interesting articles that reminded me the last 8 years with NetBeans. Thank to all those who collected this great content.

Friday Oct 17, 2008

Celebrating 10 Years of NetBeans! Get ready.

10 years of NetBeans. Lot of work behind the team. I joined the NB team in 2001 however I worked with NB from 2000. I don't dare to run the NB 3.2 to see how it has changed. Anyway, Congratulation to NetBeans.

There will be a celebration! Why I haven't receive an invitation to a party yet? And you? But it doesn't matter. Make your own party to celebrate NB's 10 birthday and publish your pictures ;)

The celebration starts on Monday October 20th. Get ready for NetBeans Decathlon.

Wednesday Sep 17, 2008

[javazone] [Day 1] Presentation is over

Today it was really hard day for me. Day full of activities and informations. I knew that it will be hard when Karol's phone woke me up in the morning after the speakers party. I would rather sleep then run to the start of the presentations ;)

However I spent almost whole day in speakers lounge because we were finalizing the presentation for our talk in evening. So, the only presentation that I've seen was "Project Hydrazine". The talk was fine but I missed a demo. And I have to say that I really liked following thing here at JavaZone. There are the lab rooms where you can watch the presentations. But if the room is crowded that they won't let you in. Then you can pick up headset, sit in the expo area and watch huge screens under the roof. Pretty useful.

We worked on the presentation at afternoon because we wanted to show as much as we could about NetBeans Mobility and Java ME. We had Java ME Platform SDK. Pre-EA version. EA will be available soon. But it didn't worked on my XP. Fortunately it worked on Karol's computer therefore we moved all the projects and presentations to one computer.

The presentation's start time was at 19:45. All the parties started at 19:00 therefore we really scared if anybody will show up. Even 5 minut before the start there was only one guy in audience. Before he left with the NetBeans t-shirt the rest of the people appeared. At the end it was nice BOF with lot of question and answers (I hope). All the questions that were not covered during the presentation time were answered in the pub later.

Look what we met on the way back to hotel. A tower in tie.

Note to myself: multiple source roots in mobility project, device DB, lwuit, mbrick

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