Monday Dec 14, 2009

Java FX Composer (Preview) is AVAILABLE

The JavaFX Composer is a plug-in for NetBeans IDE 6.8. It provides:
  • Visual editor for a form-like UI using components in JavaFX 1.2.1 SDK
  • Dynamic design editing based on states
  • Data access to Web Services, databases and local storages
  • Support for JavaFX binding
  • Simple animation editor
  • Multi-screen-size editing

Please note that this is "only" preview release. Try it, play with it and let us know at users-AT-javafx.netbeans-DOT-org:
  • what you liked
  • what you would improve
  • what you didn't like
  • what bugs you found
  • any other comments and improvements

Monday Dec 07, 2009

New splash screen for NetBeans 6.8

a picture is worth thousand words...
FCS should be available soon at (if you have a stopper for the 6.8 report it)

Monday Nov 30, 2009

NetBeans 6.8 RC1 is out + survey

Try it, provide a feedback, wait for the Final Customer Ship (FCS) before Xmas. If you have a stopper for the release speak up or ...

Tuesday Nov 03, 2009

Page Not Found at

I wanted to review some issues at web site. But I recieved following message :

Nothing unexpected obviously, the is being migrated. The migration started on Monday, November 2, at 5:00 PM CET/8:00 AM PST. Everything will be back on November 9.

What is going to happen during and after the migration?
  • All services (except will switch to read-only mode or become completely unavailable till 11/9
  • Bug tracking system, Mailing lists server, and the Wiki won't be available (or only in RO mode) during the migration
  • Accounts
    • You'll receive new password for the account in new infrastructure by email
    • If you used more accounts with the same email address then only the latest used account will be migrated (more details)
    • We will use same password for all services in after migration. It means, you will have just one password for web, mercurial and wiki
  • Mailing list changes
  • Bug tracking system
    • will be changed to bugzilla
    • there will be lot of changes in the RESOLUTIONS, STATUSES, KEYWORDS - see complete list
    • filling new bug will be easier because the list of projects will be shorter
    • table of all new components/subcomponents
    • all issues in RESOLVED/LATER were closed as WONTFIX in last days. If you don't agree reopen them after the migration. However most of these issues are low priority bugs that were out of the radar of the development anyway. Test in latest NB6.8 Beta if they are still valid, please.
  • More details in the FAQs mentioned in the previous post
What to do after migration
  • Login to with the password mentioned in the e-mail; then create your new password.
  • If you use Mercurial to check out the NetBeans sources, you must also change the password in your local hg netbeans repositories
  • Update your email client's filters for mailing lists because some mailing lists will have new names

Friday Oct 30, 2009

NetBeans migration

The site is going to be migrated into infrastructure during next week

Friday Oct 23, 2009

NetBeans 6.8 Beta is out

It's time for celebration. The NetBeans team released the Beta of NetBeans 6.8 finally. The plan was to publish it yesterday but sometimes you cannot make it. Reason? Slow upload. Could you imagine how many GB have to be uploaded? This could be great quiz question for Geertjan's NB podcast :)

If you are interested what's new in it comparing to the Milestone 2 then there is simple answer. It is more stable and we added the support for Java FX. The list of all features is available at the official page - The team resolved around 1000 bugs -

So it's Friday, it's time to celebrate the release. Do you want to see the old NetBeans team? Watch this video.

Thursday Oct 22, 2009

Java ME SDK 3.0 on Mac? EA is here

Lot of the users were asking when the Java ME SDK will be available at the Mac. The time has come. Now. If you want to try the new release of the Java ME SDK for Mac then the Early Access is available for download.

As it is early access provide your feedback to the guys who developed it at their blog

AFAIK, only the CLDC/MIDP devices are available for the Mac. And two devices with JavaFX support.
Note: the Java ME SDK for Mac won't be in NetBeans 6.8 as its final version won't be ready when the NB will ship.

Saturday Oct 17, 2009

Java FX plugins will be part of NetBeans 6.8 Beta

NetBeans teams are working on the next release. That's obviously no big surprise. However there was a small change in the release schedule that influenced a lot of the people, including the community. If you are following the release schedule carefully then you might notice the small shift of the release dates. The main reason was the JavaFX support. The support wasn't planned for the NB 6.8 Beta originally. The main reason was that the team working on the support needed more time to stabilize the features for JavaFX SDK 1.2.1 and the new NetBeans APIs. Therefore we wanted to release the FX plugins together with a release candidate.

However it wouldn't be a good message to community that we don't have Java FX support, right? That's why we decided to ship Beta later then expected. So you should have chance to try the Java FX in NB 6.8. It will be in Beta quality and I really don't recommend it for production work. Anyway, it is better then the 6.7! Some features will be disabled as the decision to release it in Beta came in last minute and there isn't enough time to stabilize them more (more in some next post).

What are the pros / cons of the postponed Beta release?
  • +More bugs will be fixed. It should mean more stable release.
  • +Java FX will be part of the Beta.
  • -Community received M2 instead of Beta.
  • +but the M2 i in Beta quality already ;)

Friday Jun 19, 2009

NetBeans Platform Hands-on Lab at JavaOne 2009

Hands on labs are always great at JavaOne. You aren't just listening to a presentation but you can try a technology on real machine. And there is plenty of people ready to help you with an advice when you got lost. You can imagine the session as a tutorial that you are doing with help of friend. We set up everything for you - documentation, environment,room, speakers and the proctors that wil help. You just sit down to a computer and get your hands dirty with the code ;)

This year Jiri Rechtacek and me prepared HOL about NetBeans Platform. The HOL provides you a short overview of the most important NetBeans APIs. The scenario of the tutorial is pretty simple - transform an existing Swing application to application based on NetBeans Platform. At the end you'll find out that the application looks the same but it's much more easier to create it because you can just focus on the business logic. The other things that you usually have to bother with desktop application as windows management, modules management etc. have been solved by the NetBeans Platform.

The HOL will be available on the official JavaOne online pages soon. For those who would like to try it immediately you can download the ZIP that we provided to NetBeans Dream Team. Enjoy it!

I'd like to thank to the NetBeans Dream Team members that joined the HOL. These guys really helped to increase the HOL quality with their experience with the NetBeans Platform. Who could be better proctor than somebody who use the product in daily work and makes money from it. Great thanks go to Toni Epple, Sven Reimers , Florian Vogler, Wade Chandler and Rich Unger. Thank you, guys!

Geertjan and Tone had a similar technical session TS-3886 Porting an Application to the NetBeans Platform where they explained more reasons the NetBeans Platform and how it helps developers.

Tuesday May 26, 2009

C U @ J1 2009

Alumni Duke I arrived to Bay Area today afternoon to get rid off the jetleg before JavaOne. I'm really looking forward to the next week. I hope that it will be week for of great presentations, meetings and other technical entertainment. I'll speak (or at least appear) at following presentations: I'd like to attend a few more sessions about interesting news of today. The best place to meet people are parties. Everybody is relaxing after the looong day. And you can chat about anything (be aware that some parties are at noisy places).

I'm Speaking At JavaOne

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