Wednesday Apr 26, 2006

SDN topic for April is MOBILITY

You can find lot of useful information on the SDN channel portal. In April ther will be mobility. Mobility in general - it means lot of information about cdc, cldc, There is review with J. Tracy, M. Ryzl (both from Mobility Pack team) and Paul Reddick (Sprint VP).
Blogs that are featured are Breh, Hikmond, Fabi, Suchys and me (second month on the channel, yabadabadoo ;) ).
That's not all. Martin Ryzl recorded demo for newbies in Mobility Pack. It's called Getting Started with NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0
I recorded demo for users interested in JSR172. The name of the demo is End-to-End Java ME Web Services (JSR-172). The demo is fast and it doesn't explain all what happens on the screen. I'll try to provide you the script (it can be usefull if you don't understand me English) and explain it a little bit more in next post. Fabiola is translating the demo to Spanish - look forward, Spanish community.

Tuesday Apr 11, 2006

Opensoucing of Mobility Pack

Will you all dance with me? All your prayers became true.
Mobility Pack is opensourced.
The source code of the mobility pack will be available in NetBeans CVS.
All the approvals from all the managers have been signed already. Now there is a little bit of work for developers, quality engineers, release engineers etc. We have to move all the source code and bugs to It can seem to be simple copy and paste but unfortunatelly it's a little bit complicated. All the files have to have licences. All the stupid texts, comments and notes from source code have to be removed (we don't want to end like this project ;) ). All the garbage from cvs repository has to be cleaned up. This is the right time for BIG cleanup, IMO.
All the relevant bugs will be moved from sun's internal bugtracking system to issuezilla too.

There is lot of work to do but the first step is done.

Read it once more - Opensourcing of the Mobility Pack.
Both parts - CLDC/MIDP and CDC/PP. It was announced at CTIA conference in Las Vegas last week and repeated in Sao Paolo.


Saturday Apr 08, 2006

Bug hunting contest for CDC

There is the new Mobility Pack for CDC available. Look at a few screenshots.
We want to encouradge its users to fill all the bugs that they will find. We fill award the best hunters with T-shirt and NetBeans USB bar.

What to do to win the award? Read and follow steps in this document - Bug Hunting Contest - NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0 for CDC.

Thursday Apr 06, 2006

CDC (WTF) - Let the madness start

Oh, my godness. I never thought that the product that I'm working on will be noticed on NASDAQ. Did you noticed that the Sun's stocks hit the 12 month highs? Is it because of the CDC? I guess that no. Petr 'Suchys' Suchomel is good presenter (and Matt too) but influencing the stocks seems too much even for him ;)

Wednesday Apr 05, 2006

NetBeans Mobility Day @ CTIA

Get ready. It starts today. I hope that Petr didn't forget all his stuff at Prague airport. I'm sad that I cannot see his presentations. It will be definitelly wonderful (Do you remember the keynote with J.Gosling last year?). He has real device for CDC in his pocket - new Sony Ericsson P990. He will show you how easy you can develop and deploy an application for CDC/PP in NetBeans Mobility Pack for CDC.

There will be also some partners. Sony Ericsson, Sprint, Nokia. They will present an branded NetBeans, roadmaps and SDKs.

I expect one big news on that event that we all are waiting for loooong time. Do you know what it is?

Friday Mar 31, 2006

Where is new q-build of mobility pack?

Do you want to use Mobility Pack with latest development builds of NetBeans?
There will be q-build promoted soon. The q-build of NetBeans is ready. All the showstoppers are fixed and it is ready to be promoted. Unfortunatelly, the Mobility Pack build has old licences. The new licences should be ready in a few days. I hope that on Monday we will be able to promote and publish the first Mobility Pack 6.0 q-build.
I really hate these legal processes.

Don't you know what I'm talking about? Are you asking yourself what is q-build?

Tuesday Mar 28, 2006

NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0 for CDC is available for download

You can download it from site. It works with NetBeans 5.0 It is separated add-on pack.
There is only windows installer available. We would like to encouradge the CDC users to fill new bugs to issuezilla. There is bug hunting contest starting together with the release. You can win a price and influence the product quality. There is new mailing list for CDC users too. You can join it.

Monday Mar 27, 2006

Productivity Award for Mobility Pack 4.1

An award finally. We are proud to be rewarded with the Productivity Award.

look at the full list of winners - 16th Annual Jolt Product Excellence & Productivity Awards.

Will the 5.0 win an award too?

CDC development in NetBeans 5.0

Lot of people asked about the CDC support in the NetBeans Mobility Pack. I have a bad news and a good news. First the bad one - there won't be any support in the NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0. I'm really sorry. The NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0 targets CLDC/MIDP development.

Now, the good news - there is new pack for CDC development. The name of the pack is NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0 for CDC. This pack is new add-on installer to the NetBeans (like the Mobility Pack). It adds CDC support to NetBeans 5.0

There is lot of features in the new CDC pack. You can create new CDC project. You can even create project from your existing sources. You will need a CDC platform and there is easy way to add it into the IDE. For now it should work with Sony Ericsson and Nokia. You can use the GUI designer Matisse for designing user interface of your application. You can design it in the free layout. It has been ported to Personal Profile. The library has 25k. You don't have to bother with SIS packaging. New template will help you with creation of new Symbian MultiByte Icon file. There are also templates for Xlet and Xlet Form. You can specify some information necessary for SIS packaging in project properties - Application UID, Name, Icon, Vendor, Version, Certificate, Logo, etc.
There is SDK Configuration Tool for changing the emulator type.

There will be tutorial available on NetBeans and Sony Ericsson site. The download and web should be ready in next days.

A few screenshots from the NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0 for CDC follows :
New project types for CDC development

Wizard of new CDC application

Select an MBM icon for your application

Tools | Java Platform Manager | Add ...

New platform has been recognized

Matisse GUI designer in action. Please, use only AWT components from palette. The PP won't work with Swing.

There is wizard that will help you with MBM file creation. File | New File | Symbian | Symbian MultiBitmap Icon

There are three types of execution available - "normal" main class, applet execution, xlet execution


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