Thursday May 25, 2006

Update 1 for Mobility Pack 5.5 Preview for CDC

All users that want to develop CDC/PP/AGUI applications for the SavaJe Jasper S20 please download the update 1 of the NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.5 Preview for CDC. The new build contains a few fixes that were discovered during the JavaOne conference. You can now develop applications using the free design layout and deploy them to the phone without problems. The bug with wrong packaging has been fixed.

Wednesday May 17, 2006

NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.5 for CDC Preview

This Preview Edition adds support for the JavaOne 2006 "Device of Show," the SavaJe Jasper S20.

The Jasper S20 is the first mobile phone powered by the Java Platform to support an early access version of JSR- 209 specifications, providing Java Micro Edition application developers with the ability to create advanced user interfaces for mobile phones and devices using Swing and Java2D.
Petr worked like crazy during nights, days and weekends. The created the new version of the Mobility Pack for CDC. I think that almost nobody noticed... It supports the Jasper phone that they sell here at JavaOne. I'm going to register (I hate this part) and download the SavaJe SDK.

Mobility Pod

I had a pod duty yesterday. I was at the NetBeans Mobility Pack booth answering questions and showing the best from the Mobility Pack. It suprised me that only a few people showed up there. Where are all the Java ME developers?
Come to the Mobility Pack booth. We are collecting business cards of the users. One of them will win new BlackBerry phone. The chance for win is pretty big right now ;)

I'll spend 2 hours in morning and two hours after lunch at the pod again. Meet me there.
I thought that the booth is at the corner of the Sun's booths village but unfortunatelly we are a little bit hidden in middle. Next to the Creator guys.

Monday May 15, 2006

Mobility Pack 5.5 Beta is ready

Do you want to use the new NetBeans 5.5 Beta with the Mobility Pack 5.5 Beta ? The 5.5 is focused on J2EE development. There are only some bugfixies in Mobility Pack area for now - look at the list. The support for J2MEUnit should be ready soon. This will be the only one enhancement of MP in 5.5

Saturday May 06, 2006

Mobility Pack Covers J2ME - CDC and CLDC

NetBeans Mobility Pack targeted the CLDC/MIDP development. It provides solution for device fragmentation, rapid applications development, testing on different emulators platforms, debugging etc.
A month ago the NetBeans Mobility Pack for CDC appeared. It's focused on the CDC/PP development. You can use all the features of the NetBeans IDE for the development of CDC/PP applications. It supports only Sony Ericsson CDC Platform and Nokia Series 80 now. It's planned to support RICOH and SavaJe. There is a way how to develop and deploy to PocketPC as well.

We can say that Mobility Pack covers both now - CDC and CLDC...

Don't you know what is the difference between CLDC and CDC?

Friday May 05, 2006

Bug hunting contest is finished

The bug hunting contest for Mobility Pack for CDC finished on April 30.
We have 4 winners
  • danielmd
  • alesak
  • buzz
  • ovjo
Congratulation! They will be awarded with t-shirt and USB bar.

Sunday Apr 30, 2006

Preprocessor directives explained

The preprocessor syntax has been changed in NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0. It is more readable now. The syntax is like c++ macros now. Do you remember #ifdef, #ifndef ? Yes, it's back ;) There is code completion for creating a preprocessor directive. Abilities can have a value. You can check the value in the preprocessor block directive. You can create nsted blocks too. Lot of improvements from previous versions.
The preprocessor syntax is Antenna compatible. You can easily import code from Antenna to Mobility Pack and it should work.

Maybe you are asking what is it all about? Why a preprocessor?
I already explained it in my previous post almost year ago... In one sentence - the preprocessor helps us to solve device fragmentation.

There is new article explaining all the new directives of preprocessor in 5.0. Enjoy it

Thursday Apr 27, 2006

I cannot win Java Masters coffee mugs

I'm Sun employee. I cannot join the competition. I'm sad. I wanted to win the nice limited edition of the Java Masters coffee mugs.

I knew that I couldn't join the Java Masters 2006. I even understand it. I would definitelly push on the judges to vote for me. :) It's easy when you work in the same company. (to make it clear - the last two sentences are ironic). I really 'dont understand why I cannot win the mug...

You can win it. You can win even more if you are able to create an cool application for your mobile phone with NetBeans Mobility Pack. Don't be shy, go ahead and join Java Masters

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