Monday Oct 26, 2009

[Mac] NetBeans 6.8 Beta and Java ME SDK 3.0 EA

Iwan wanted to know if the Java ME SDK works with the NetBeans 6.8 Beta. And if it could e available at Update Center to let you download the SDK directly from NetBeans.

NetBeans and Java ME SDK - picture is worth a thousand words...

Open "Tools > Java Platforms"

Press the "Add Platform" button

Select the "Java ME MIDP Platform Emulator"

Browse to your Java ME SDK location - usually /Applications/Java_ME_SDK_3.0

Platform has been found

Java ME SDK 3.0 Ea as module at NB Udate Center - this is most probably worthless as there is no added value then that the users find it quickly. The maintenance of the modules at UC takes a lot of time. You have to upload it, test it, then you have to be careful when the final version appears and remove it from UC or replace with the new version. I can't see any volunteer ;)
OTOH, the module with the SDK would just download it and install it. If you brave enough to use Early Access yhis steps - download, install - will warn you that you are doing something "special".

Monday Sep 07, 2009

[Review] LWUIT 1.1 for Java ME Developers

I was asked by the Packt Publishing to review new book about Lightweight Toolkit for MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1. During those long nights when I reviewed the book I learned a lot about the LWUIT and had a lot of fun. For those who don't have any experience with LWUIT or would like to start an UI in Java ME it's recommended reading. The LWUIT gives you APIs that allows you to create nice UI. And with the Themes it is easy to change the look and feel of your application.

Table of Contents:
  • Chapter 1: Introduction to LWUIT
  • Chapter 2: Components
  • Chapter 3: The Container Family
  • Chapter 4: The Label Family
  • Chapter 5: List and ComboBox
  • Chapter 6: TextArea and TextField
  • Chapter 7: Arranging Widgets with Layout Managers
  • Chapter 8: Creating a Custom Component
  • Chapter 9: Resources Class, Resource File and LWUIT Designer
  • Chapter 10: Using Themes
  • Chapter 11: Adding Animations and Transitions
  • Chapter 12: Painters
  • Chapter 13: Effects and Logging—Useful Utilities


Tuesday Mar 31, 2009

[ScreenCast] Creating Mobile Games in NetBeans

Thanks to Brad who did all the post processing of the raw video that I recorded. You can watch the famous HOL "Create Your Own Mobile" video. Game is created in 10 minutes. Cool!
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript"> </script>

Wednesday Oct 01, 2008

[javazone] [Day 2] I like it here

It is a week after the JavaZone conference however I decided to fill up the story with blog post about the last day of the conference.

I saw only a few presentation this time. Because I spent most of the time in the speakers room preparing for the presentation on Wednesday. And we were supposed to leave Oslo on Thursday afternoon. What a short trip.
We visited guys from mBricks at their booth. We had a discussion with them after our BOF yesterday. And I hope that the discussions with Karol will help them and NetBeans to enhance our portfolio. Their solution for Java ME development makes the live of Java ME developer easier. You don't have to care about the device fragmentation anymore. However it requires lot of testing and fixes on the mBricks side.

I have to say that I liked the Oslo and the JavaZone. The conference was really nice and well organized. I haven't seen too much from the city but I can imagine that I could stay here for a while. And all the companies at the booths were hiring. Maybe it is time to move to north ;) Sometimes the partners area looks more as gathering of headhunters than a conference...


Oslo's streets

Saturday Oct 13, 2007

New samples in Mobility Pack 6.0 Beta1

There is a bunch of sample projects distributed with NetBeans IDE. There is also lot of sample projects about Java ME. The samples are about MIDP/CLDC and CDC/FP. Most of the MIDP samples are just projectized samples from the newest WTK. We updated all the WTK samples with their newer versions from the latest WTK. There are also Mobility specific samples about new custom components, game builder, localization.

The CDC samples are for Ricoh/J SDK. To be able to create them you have to have the SDK installed. It isn't for free. These are samples that run in emulator of printer machine.

Mobility Pack specific samples
  • Visual Designer Custom Components - for every of these new components there is sample project and tutorial. Follow the link for tutorials - File Browser Sample, Login Screen Sample, SMS Composer Sample, PIM Browser.
    It seems that I missed the PIM browser therefore it is missing in NB60 Beta1. You can find it in Beta2 soon.
  • Simple game created with Game Builder - it will show you how to work with the game that you created with the Game Builder. Look at small tutorial.
  • Localization Support Example

Saturday Jan 06, 2007

Java ME to Java EE Application - Consuming Webservice on Mobile Device

Creating webservice client in Java ME world. There is a bunch of free webservices available on the net. This blog entry will show you that it is easy to create a mobile client for a webservice with NetBeans Mobility Pack.[Read More]

Friday Aug 25, 2006

ZIP distribution of Mobility Pack 6.0 available

You can download ZIP of Mobility Pack cluster from Unzip it to netbeans installation directory and add "mobility8" to [nb_install-dir]/etc/netbeans.clusters file. There is detailed guide available - It's in new NetBeans Wiki.
The zip build isn't tested and is uploaded every day.

Do you wonder what is the benefit for users?
The installer is available only for windows and linux. When you wanted to use Mobility Pack on different platform you had to use a strange hacks. Now you can unzip the Mobility Pack to any platform. That is good news for Mac users, Solaris users.

Tuesday Jul 04, 2006

No Milestone 1 build for Mobility Pack


NetBeans switched to Milestone builds (finally). What it should mean to users?
Maybe you noticed the q-builds builds in last years. The q-build was build tested by NetBeans Quality Engineers. The build was published when all major issues were fixed in the build. There was a quality requirement for q-build.
The q-build process has been replaced with the Milestone process. The Milestone build should be published every 5th week. There should be well defined what feature will be included in what milestone.

NetBeans and Profiler Milestone build is available on site. There is the Milestone testing report available as well. All milestones will be announced on the mailing list.
Where is Mobility Milestone 1 build?
There won't be any Milestone 1 build for Mobility Pack. We cannot publish any build right now. We are in middle of opensourcing process. When all the legal stuff, refactoring, cleaning of code will be finished then there will be Milestone build available. It can happen in next or after next milestone.
Please be patient...

Wednesday Jun 28, 2006

Wireless Toolkit another Beta

There is another Beta version of Sun Java Wireless Toolkit (aka WTK in past). I was confused about it for a while. The last Beta won an award and beat Mobility Pack. Are you lost? Let start from the beginning...

Wireless Toolkit is device emulator platform and tool for Java ME development. NetBeans Mobility Pack bundles this as device emulator platform for your development.
Last year there was announced Beta of Wireless Toolkit 2.3 (look to my blog entry). I would expect final release of this product but there is another Beta now... Maybe you wonder like me why. The reason seems simple - they added and added new JSRs to the product. It became something different than originally planned. (But why they skipped 2.4?)

I'll list all the JSRs/APIs that they added to this releases. With new are marked the ones added after 2.3 Beta The list of all JSRs in the Wireless Toolkit should include more APIs. You can look at them in Tom's comment...

There are only two things that I'm little bit sad about
  1. we cannot bundle the new WTK with NetBeans Mobility Pack because it's only Beta
  2. it supports only Windows platform... (hey, did you forgot? Sun on Sun) Pure Linux/Solaris developers :(


Friday Jun 23, 2006 finally created

Waiting for mobility module on took me more then two years. Finally the new mobility module is there. Yupii, yabadabadoo.

This is the first step in opensourcing of the mobility packs. Next step will be move of all bugs and enhancement to the new component in issuezilla. We will move all relevant bugs filled into internal bugtracking system too. And the last step will be opensourcing of the code. It is in progress but it should happen soon.

The module content and web pages are still under development... It will improve in next weeks.

This is the main channel to share news, tips and other stuff related to my work. Sometimes you can find even personal stuff. Enjoy your reading...


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