Tuesday Jan 06, 2009

Blogs/Articles/etc [1/12 - 24/12]

Hey, what I found in unpublished blog entries? I forgot to push "publish" button before Xmas.

Sunday Nov 30, 2008

Blogs/Articles/etc [25/11 - 30/11]

  • Tim Bray : What Sun Should Do - Tim is clever boy. I'm looking forward what will happen with SUN. And it's obvious that something has to happen
  • Java Prabhodhan : What does SUN's restructuring mean for JAVA, I mean who may end up buying it?
  • Weirdest Undreamt Use Case : The Language Of Testing: Dummies, Mocks, Fakes And Stubs
  • Simple Thoughts : Can Cuil Really be the Google Killer? - A Detailed Comparative Study
  • Chris Oliver's Weblog : JavaFX 1.0 - Now you can judge for yourself - "now" means soon. Hopefully this week. Kick the JFX out of the door to let is prove if it was worth all the effort.
  • Simon Morris's Blog : No Future In Java - this post is mostly about Java FX
  • Glorified Geek : What kind of weapon is a programming language? - java as rocket launcher... Pity that there is just "a few" languages in this post.
  • Adam Bien's Weblog : Six Swing Lies - or rather six lies about swing?
  • NetBeans 7.0 : FitnessForever - yes, yes, when you want to have your product in reasonable quality you have to work on it. NetBeans 6.5 has been just released and we already work on 7.0. Where are my vacations? Where is a release party?
  • Miško Hevery : Guide to Writing Testable Code - good set of rules
  • Google Testing Blog :Automating tests vs. test-automation and Performance Testing - you took it from my mouth ;) Just kidding. Interesting blog posts, I'll go through the older ones as well
  • Sunday Nov 23, 2008

    Blogs/Articles/etc [15/11 - 23/11]

  • Riyad Kalla at Javalobby : Is Java Becoming Irrelevant? - read the comments. Riyad missed the point, imo.
  • Propagánda : Java and the recession - is really a bad bad time for IT coming?
  • Developing: Will Java have a place in the future of mobile devices? - sure.
  • Chase The Devil : Java Is Dead - oh my goodness, another one. "Java on the Mobile is a failure. Almost nobody uses it and is plagged". No comments...
  • Athen at JavaWorld : Java - A platform for platforms
  • The Programmer's Weblog : JAVA Jobs and Statistics
  • theserverside.com : Sun Microsystems to cut up to 6000 jobs - it will hurt :(
  • dow.ngra.de: How I stopped worrying and learned to love the Maven
  • AlBlue's Weblog : The rise and fall of OSGi and JSR277 (respectively)
  • Urubatan's blog : Commenting source code is only for the weak - another one where it's worth to read even comments. Commenting code isn't bad practice but you need to know why are you doing it ;)
  • InfoQ: JavaFX and Adobe Flex Insider Shares Thoughts
  • Sun commits to JavaFX despite uncertainty By Gavin Clarke
  • BlogtimeException : MacBeans 0.1 Released - congratulations, Behrang. Now i need to try it on a Mac ;) I'll let you know if it works with the NB 6.5
  • Simple Thoughts : How To Develop iPhone Applications in Java for Distribution (Without Jailbreaking)
  • objectware : Test Frameworks and Tools
  • Notes from a Tool User : Misconceptions with Test Driven Development
  • Miško Hevery : My Unified Theory of Bugs
  • Successful Software : The Decline and Fall of Agile
  • Simple Thoughts : Google Venturing In Blogging? … Hiring Bloggers?
  • Thursday Nov 13, 2008

    Blogs/Articles/etc [6/11 - 13/11]

  • Pushing Pixels: Sun setting down on the core Swing - that's paranoiac idea. However it's good to hear what the community thinks
  • Fabrizio Giudici's Blog : Guys, don't panic - Swing is here to stay - wow, a calm answer from Italian guy ;) I have to agree with Fabrizio.
  • Geertjan's Blog : Brno on the NetBeans Platform! - Geertjan's sentence "I spent the weekend in Brno (second city in Czech Republic, after Prague)" can be kind of blasting cap in Brno city.
  • IEEE : Frequently Forgotten Fundamental Facts about Software Engineering
  • Photos of APIFest08 winners - maybe you don't know the people on this photo (from left to right) Pavel (Sun Prague site director), Jakub (CZJUG, Sun engineer), Petr(winner), Jan (winner), Arsenyi(NetBeans director), Yarda(APIfest08 organizer, Sun)
  • microemu.blogspot: Running Java ME applications on Android - Bartek never sleeps. Nice!
  • NB65 FCS Test Report - Go! That means release it.
  • John O'Conner's Blog : Google kicks OpenOffice to the curb? - download the OpenOffice 3 separately
  • theserverside.com : Is Sun's Salvation in . . . Hardware?, theregister : Sun market cap slips below $3bn, Big Tech : Sun gambles big as outlook darkens
  • IntelliJ IDEA 8 released
  • freelancefolder : My Top 5 Biggest Freelancing Mistakes
  • Code Snakes : Python in NetBeans is a go
  • itmanagement.earthweb.com : The 2009 IT Salary Guide
  • Wednesday Nov 05, 2008

    Blogs/Articles/etc [19/10 - 4/11]

  • Toni Epple: CI Camp, Hudson & NB - Just one more day
  • Toni Epple: NetBeans Platform Certified Training Würzburg
  • Antonio's blog : NetBeans is 10 today!! - Antonio, thank you for reminding me the NB history. It was long way.
  • Antonio's blog : Rediscovering the NetBeans Lookup Library - 1, 2 - interesting explanation of lookups from Antonio.
  • Adam Bien's comments about NB6.5 RC1 and NetBEans days in Poland
  • Hinkmond Wong's Weblog: I love Google because Google loves Java ME technology. Hey Hinkmond isn't it time for update of the blog theme?
  • apidesign.org: APIFest08:Report - Jarda Tulach published results of the APIFest08.
  • Dagblog: Java SE 6 Update 10 venku - Dagi comments on J6u10
  • Sun's FY09Q1 results - this isn't as bad as I expected. "Net loss for the first quarter of fiscal 2009 on a GAAP basis was $1.677 billion" - but it includes "$1.445 billion non-cash charge for goodwill impairment".
  • My Top List of Java Tools of Ignacio Coloma
  • James Williams' Blog: Lessons from the Android Market - why the lazy users don't rate?
  • Frank Carver’s Punch Barrel: learning curves for some common editors - is it serious?
  • Myšlenky dne otce Fura: Podcast: Záznam z přednášky Automatické testování v praxi
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