Monday Feb 15, 2010

Java FX Composer Preview2

Another milestone of the JavaFX Composer was released just a few hours ago. Get it from the NetBeans Update Center. It works with NetBeans 6.8 Patch1 (do not try it with development build or milestone1 of NB 6.9, please). I'll summarize new features briefly because the wiki pages about the new features is very descriptive and updated.

New and noteworthy:
  • Shapes - you can now add the shapes into your design. Most of the JavaFX 1.2.3 are available (what's missing?). Anyway, don't miss the CTRL+move feature.
  • Animation on States - specify default "interpolar" and "duration" for all animations in a state. It's very easy - look at the tutorial ;)
  • Data Support improved - read AND write. XML, JSON, JDBC, GET or POST. You should try it. Look at demos...
  • JavaFX Effects - with all effects available in JavaFX 1.2.3 SDK, no comment.
  • Colors - now in palette. And in customizer.
  • Templates - the "Exclusively Visible" template has new options. Find out which
  • Charts - experimental for now. However they work. It's a bit complicated for first time however you'll get used to it - look at the tutorial. IMO, we have to create a demo for next Milestone.
  • Samples - a few new ones and improved old ones. Check them online Google Image Search, Twitter Client, Magic Label II

Wednesday Dec 16, 2009

Sun's stocks still growing after release of JavaFX Composer (preview)

I was really surprised what happened to the Sun's stocks when we released the JavaFX Composer of NetBeans. And it's "only" Preview release. WOW. I could not even imagine that it would influence the market so much. And the price for JAVA stocks is still rising...

Monday Dec 14, 2009

[FXComposer] Creating simple app in JavaFX Composer - screencast

In this screencast I'll create a simple application that will rotate and zoom in the NetBeans logo. You'll see following things:
  • You can use the FXZ resources in the design
  • Aligning components on design screen is easier with guide lines
  • Adding animations to change a component property is easy with customizer
  • What are the "states" good for
  • etc.

Sunday Dec 13, 2009

[Production Suite] ViewerFX in JavaFX

Eat your own dog food...
To improve UI of the Production Suite's ViewerFX it was rewritten in JavaFX. The UI looks definitely better now. We hope that you'll like it.



Friday Dec 11, 2009

Java FX Composer Preview is coming (soon)

Thank you for all the suggestion about the name for the NetBeans GUI editor for JavaFX. The name isn't surprisingly new - "JavaFX Composer". You can look forward to GUI editor that allows you to even define states of your UI, to incredible data binding etc. Stay tuned.

The page with tutorials and screencasts is evolving every hour. There is more and more stuff... Check it by yourself -

Martin created first screencast. Enjoy it.

In the screencast you can see some of the features of the JavaFX Composer that should be available for download next week.

Thursday Nov 26, 2009

How to name the new "gui tool" for JavaFX?

As you probably noticed in this blog and probably even in the latest NetBeans podcast there is a new JavaFX GUI tool to be released soon. However we are still looking for a great name for it. There are already some ideas about the name however if you think that you have a bright great name that we should use (and you are ready to provide it to us for free ;) ) then leave me a comment.

The correct name is always half of the success of the product. This tool is in different situation than a new product at the market however if we'd name it with the right name then it will be easy to remember for our users.
SUN has a long history of "bad" names. That's one of the places where our marketing failed. One of the worst idea that I'd seen was to include quarter of year in the name. I cannot remember any of those "bad" names anymore to provide an example.

Friday Nov 13, 2009

Scaled components are uneditable

There is always a challenge what to do with the components that are scaled to a small size. As you can see from the screenshot you can still edit them when they are small (unless it has no point even with magnifying glass). Fortunatelly you can edit the components in other "state" when they are scaled to "normal" size. It creates nice effect when switching between the pages. And all the effects were set up in the UI (no code).

There is something in the green box on right bottom.
It synchronizes the selection even in Navigator (as shown by arrow).

Components in full size in different state.
Notice the small orange box. Those are the User and Tag textfields.

How it looks when the application runs?

Friday Nov 06, 2009

Creating UI in JavaFX with a tool

I hope that you'll be able to try the preview of the new tool for Java FX very very soon. The only thing that I can show you for now is a screenshot. Click to it to enlarge it.

  • Are you interested in more details? More screenshots? A screencast? A working demo?
    • then leave me a comment

  • What would you miss most in a designer tool for FX?
    • then leave me a comment

  • Do you know what the "States" means? What all is in the palette? What are the small icons next to the properties?
    • then stay tuned for preview release

Thursday Oct 29, 2009

[NetBeans 6.8 Beta] Features in the Java FX plugins

Disclaimer: goal of this blog post isn't to show all the features that are available but to point out some of them which were improved or fixed...

The Java FX plugins for NetBeans were released together with the NetBeans 6.8 Beta. The functionality is available in following two NetBeans IDE distributions - All, Java FX. If you have different distro you can enhance it from "Tools > Plugins".

New or Improved Features: For the "old" NetBeans user some of the features could "WT\*? It works for years". However it wasn't true for Java FX files and projects in previous versions.
  • Click through navigation in Editor - . Navigates using Ctrl + mouse over selected type, which provides hyperlink to used type.
  • Go To Type
  • Java FX Editor Hints
    • Add Imports -

    • Unused variables -

    • Remove unused imports -

    • Surround with try-catch -

    • Implement abstract methods -

    • Overridden method -

    • Fix package -

    • and some static hints -

  • Code Completion - Overall fixes in code completion. Faster, more accurate. Unfortunately there are still issues when compiler is not able to parse not compilable source files.
  • Debugger - the old debugger has been removed and rewritten to use common debugger infrastructure in NetBeans. This brings better extensibility and performance, but the set of fundamental issues (such as non functional watches) remains due to JavaFX class files weaknesses.
  • Profiler - the same feature set as in previous versions.
  • Refactoring - Refactoring is turned off by default because issues in compiler may cause data loss. Turn refactoring on by running NetBeans with command line switch -J-Djavafx.refactoring=true on your own risk.

What you can expect soon?
  • quality is increasing as the whole team focused on bugfixing. You can noticed the positive bug progress in last weeks.
  • fixed refactoring will be part of the plugins asap
  • fixed debugger - there are some bugs in javafx compiler that are blocking the fixes in NetBeans IDE however there is lot of issues that have to be fixed before FCS
  • reformatting of code - will be re-written for the 6.8 to provide much more better results than in "old" releases.
  • fxd composer - lot of fixes for better performance and usability
Where to report problems?

This is the main channel to share news, tips and other stuff related to my work. Sometimes you can find even personal stuff. Enjoy your reading...


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