Friday Oct 16, 2009

Welcome IDEA CE in opensource world

Is it news of the week? The JetBrains opensourced their great IntelliJ IDEA.

It seems that the company is moving to the open source waters (at least a little bit). They've released their MPS and YouTrack to community already. However nobody expected that they'll do it even with the jewel in their portfolio - IntelliJ IDEA. But they did it ;) If you want to know more details about why? what will be the business model? etc. listen to latest Javaposse podcast with Roumen and Dmitry Jemerov.

Friday Jul 10, 2009

JavaOne Hands-on Labs 2009 are online

All the JavaOne Hands-on Labs from this year are published at the Sun Developer Network. These "tutorials" will allow to get your hands dirty with the latest greatest technologies. However you'll miss the best part and that's the explanation of the speakers and help of proctors at J1. I almost missed the opportunity to advertise the NetBeans RPC HOL ;)

Friday Feb 27, 2009

JavaFX on real phones. WOW.

I've just noticed following announcements from SE and Sun. That's pretty cool news. I've been quite skeptic about JFX success however it seems that I was wrong. And I'm quite happy about it. Do you think that there will be a phone with JFX available at JavaOne? Do you remember SavaJe's Jasper S20?

Thursday Dec 04, 2008

Java FX videos

I just look at some of the videos about Java FX at Sun Channel. Interesting stuff.

And my favorite is Martin. Obviously because we started together in Sun.

Good work, Martin.

Java FX 1.0, don't miss the wave, dude

It is out finally. Try it!
I just downloaded the new Java FX plugins from site. And I'm installing it. Before it will finish I could go tot site and play the Brick breaker game. Web is full of Java FX 1.0 launch, the same is true for my desktop - look at the screenshot.

Tuesday Apr 04, 2006 for your pleasure

There is lot of cool stuff on the site.
There are ringtones, wallpapers, games. You can try the games before you'll buy them from the manufacturer. I like this approach.

You will find links to NetBeans and Mobility Day in Las Vegas too. They are in Duke's Zone where the Duke lives.

Friday Feb 24, 2006

Java EE 5 SDK. What is it?

I know that there is NetBeans Enterprise Pack 5.5 Preview. It is big pack containing NB5.5 with Java EE 5 support, Sun Application Server 9 beta and BPEL, XML, and UML support.
What would you expect under name Java EE 5 SDK? No idea like me?
It is bundle of Sun Java System Application Server PE 9 Beta, JDK 5.0 and Platform API Docs. Interesting, isn't it. The bundle is fine you can download everything what you need at once but the name seems a little bit "unclear" for me. Maybe I'm just not used to it yet.
SDK - according to is Software Developement Kit. Isn't it obvious that developement kit for Java EE has to contain even the aplication server? Yes, it is. So, don't be suprised like me and download it :)

IMO, the best solution is: And you can start to develop Java EE 5 applications...

Tuesday Jul 19, 2005

Compatibility matters

Nice present from JavaOne...
I found it by accident on internet. I looked on my referers list and I found out that a few links is coming from The page was unknown for me so I followed the link and start to go through the blog entries. I found another interesting link Java Condoms. I couldn't help myself and I had to follow up :) Finally a picture! And more links. Nice. I like it....

How could I missed so interesting giveaway. Hey, why nobody brought it back to Prague?

Friday Apr 29, 2005

NASA's PathFinder opensourced

Incredible - software for finding bugs developed by experts for space research is available to everybody and everybody can look at its code.
Can we use it for testing NetBeans? That could safe a lot of work to developers ;), testers etc. and as a bonus the product will be bugless :)

Are you interested in ? Check Java PathFinder pages on SourceForge

Strange things, the articles about the PathFinder aren't consistent. I'm not sure if it's opensourced or not...
04/26/05: It is done! JavaPathFinder is not just open sourced, but becomes the first NASA program to be actively developed and hosted on SourceForge. Congrats to all of us! Here is the link to the official press release
- from

NASA scientists today announced they are releasing free software that will find 'bugs,' or defects, in Java computer code.
The new software, Java Pathfinder, is classified as 'open source software.'

- from official NASA's press release on

True is out there - who know's where....

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