Friday Feb 24, 2006

Sweden x Czech Republic 7:3

3rd period
Oh my goodness, 3rd period is starting and the score is 6:3. The Czech team is loosing... It was even worse. We lost 5:1 in 2nd period. Then we "almost" get them when we scored two goals in one minute. The Sweden player are really goood. It looks to be interesting in last period...

I cross my fingers and start to pray. Seventeen minutes left for at least 3 goals... Go Czechs Go!

After match
What happend to our defence? When the Tre Kronos are near our goalie then nobody guards them. The seventh goal knocked us down.

Congratulation to Sweden. I have to admit that you were better today. Good luck in final match.

It looks like I won some beers. Am I right, Marcus? Why I am then unhappy? I'd rather see Czech team in final.

Neumannova has the gold medal

Hat off. Katerina Neumannova finally won the gold medal. She had nice fastest finish in 30km cross country skiing race. Congratulation!

Wednesday Feb 22, 2006

Slovakia x Czech Republic 1:3

The match will start in a few minutes. I'm sitting home and watching the TV. I hope that the Czech team will continue to semifinal. I want to see a medal...

I'm writting this blog entry in advance because I'm lazy ;) You know I don't want to carry the notebook home and back. Time to go home and enjoy the match. Let the best win. Go Czechs Go.

UPDATE: Wow, it was amazing match. Both team played very well. Czechs won. I think that we deserved the win. As the Hnilicka (goalie) said after match - "We wanted the win more than Slovaks. They didn't give everything to the match." I have to agree. The Slovak team seemed to me a little bit passive. They were better than our team only in the last 2 minutes when they needed score (and fortunatelly didn't) They still don't know how to play with Czechs, IMO. I'm sad that we met them in quaterfinal. They had good team. See you in final next time, Slovaks.

Anyway, it's amazing that the two small countries like Czech republic (population 10M) and Slovakia (5M) have better teams than Canada (30M) or USA (280M) ;)

I'm looking forwart to the Friday match with Sweden. Everybody says that they didn't show their power yet. Get ready for Czech national team, Tre Kronos.
Marcus, I remember our bet. The winner pays for beers ;)

Get ready for quaterfinal match

The is the key match in the whole tournament. Quaterfinal. It let the best to follow to the medal and rest will go home crying. The Czech hockey team will face to the Slovakia team. It will be great match. The players speak almost the same language, they play the same clever style of hockey and they know one another very well. I have to buy chips and beer and reserve time for the match in TV. Well, I'm home alone so it should be easy ;) It starts at 21:35. I cross my finger and pray for victory. I'm sorry for Slovaks but only one can win...

Tuesday Feb 21, 2006

Canada x Czech Republic 3:2

Two times more shots on goal. Nice match. The Czech team showed really nice power. Unfortunatelly we lost. We are fourth in Group A. Who will be our opponent in quaterfinal match ? Slovakia, Sweden or Russia...

UPDATE: Czech team will have to beat Slovakia in quatefinal match. It is strong team. I'm looking forward to watch the TV with my Slovak colleges in a pub ;)

Friday Feb 17, 2006

Second medal

yupii, second silver.
Lukas Bauer and 15km classical men.

I'm still waiting for the ice hockey medal ;)

Thursday Feb 16, 2006

Czech Republic x Switzerland 3:2

What's up? I don't understand it... We lost :(

There is still time. Three more matches to go. Finland, Italie, Canada...
Go, go Czech team!

Tuesday Feb 14, 2006

An idea for Valentine's present

Did you buy a present to your Valentine?
You can download NetBeans :) It's nice present... for free
Maybe it should be something more traditional? Look at this...

Happy Valentine's day to everybody who celebrates it...

Sunday Feb 12, 2006

First medal for Czech Republic

Here we go. First medal for Kateřina Neumannová. She've got silver medal in skiatlon race. Congratulation! Unfortunatelly, it's only silver. She lost the gold medal in last the few meters.
I'll definatelly watch her next races. She is ready for the gold medal.

I will watch all the matches of the Czech national hockey team (I hope). Will they go for the gold medal? Second Nagano? I'm curious ;)

Saturday Feb 11, 2006

Winter Olympic Games 2006 Started

Did you noticed? First day of the games is over.
Is there anybody outhere who didn't notice?


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