Wednesday Dec 23, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I wish you restful wonderful time during Christmas vacations. If you don't celebrate this holiday enjoy next weeks anyway. I'll do as well.

See you in next year.

Wednesday Jun 03, 2009

[JavaOne 2009] Cloud/JUG leaders/JavaFx/Solaris party

Monday. San Francisco. United States

After the busy long CommunityOne day there was an official "OpenSolaris and Sun Cloud" party in the Moscone. I didn't attend as there was a sitdown dinner "Pre-JavaOne JUG Social Event" with JUG leaders at Henry's Hunan Restaurant. Wow, we had so delicious food that Doris ordered for us. Full table of different dishes. And the restaurant was full of JUG leaders, NetBeans Dream team members etc.

We stopped in the Thirsty Bear to say hello to our friends from Java FX. It seems that there is a party in this small brewery every night. Even if there isn't party they have their own set of beers. As this party ended at 10 PM and somebody told us that there is another one in ROE bar next door we wanted to move there. There was OpenSolaris party in ROE but they didn't let us in because we were not on the list. RSVP next time :).

All the JUG leaders, NetBeans dream team continued to the well-know Irish pub Chieftain on 5th and Howard. Aaron Houston was buying pitchers for the folks. The NetBeans' DreamTeam guys agreed to come to the NetBeans Platform HOL and proctor it. Thanks guys.

That was a long nite. I've met some of the guys from NB DreamTeam that I knew from emails. But now I know even the faces! Wade Chandler, Sven Reimers, Toni Epple. And bunch of other folks that were hidden somewhere for a while - as Tim Boudreau ;) And Brazilians and Dutchs are here ;)

Tuesday Jun 02, 2009

[CommunityOne2009] Our session - Test Your Product on Multiple Machines in Parallel with Hudson

Me and Tomas Musil had a session at ComunityOne today. We named it "Test Your Product on Multiple Machines in Parallel with Hudson". The session went well however we finished a little bit earlier than we expected. On the other hand it gave us more time for questions and answers. And there were lot of questions.

This is my famous slide from the presentation. We forgot to ask James Gosling for a permission to use his "South Park"-like avatar however we hope that we'll forgive us. We met him today when he was taking a picture with his "comic's twin" on the wall. Bu t we were in rush because of our session starting in a few minutes (and nervous to talk to "father of java", of course ;) )

I'll let you know when the presentation slides and the record of the speech will be available.

Monday Jun 01, 2009

[Javaone 2009] Glassfish party after Unconference

Sunday. San Francisco. United States

I decided that I won't blog about the sessions that I attended as everybody does. I'll blog about the parties. Let me explain why. The sessions, BOFs, HOLs are full of the technical information and news about bleeding edge technologies however you as the attendee are usually in passive role. You just listen to somebody talking. (And sometimes it's really boring). But at parties you are meeting the people. The people that are behind and around the technologies, people that develop it and use it. And you met them at a party when they are more relaxed. You can discuss whatever you want with them - either work topic or a generic one as weather. That's why I like these parties. And, of course, free beer, free food :)

After the GlassFish 2009 unconference there was a party in Thirst Bear. At the beginning it looked as gathering of old friends. So many well-known faces. And it happens often at JavaOne parties that you are meeting the people that you knew from previous J1s. Me and Tomas finally met Craig McClanahan who is one of the author of the REST API for Sun Cloud.
I really enjoyed the party with Glassfish folks. I wanted to ask Koshuke about his talk about Hudson and Cloud. However he was faster and asked me about the our session "Test Your Product on Multiple Machines in Parallel with Hudson". He was really interested in it. And then he convinced us that it would be worth to opensource it even if it's useful for testing of NetBeans IDE for now.

Are there any pictures from this party? I don't have a camera :(
Do you know where to go for "after party"? - Chieftain Irish Pub at Howard and 5th.

Wednesday May 13, 2009

My Presentations at CommunityOne/JavaOne 2009

This is a follow up of my last post - Trip to JavaOne canceled. Fortunately, a miracle happened and my trip was renewed. The main reason is that my session "Test your product on multiple machines in parallel with Hudson" has been accepted for the CommunityOne event. Hurray!

See you in San Francisco.

Thursday Mar 19, 2009

What I do work on now - Sun Cloud

Lew and Dave finally showed it at the CommunityOne conference yesterday. Enjoy the video as much as I'm enjoying the clouds...

Tuesday Mar 17, 2009

[slides] Open source products and quality testing

As I promised at the presentation at Cracow. The slides from presentation are available below. The video from the presentation will be published at SFI conference page later.

I really liked the Studencki Festiwal Informatyczny. It was smaller conference with a nice atmosphere. The number of people in audience increased from Thursday to Saturday twice. It either shows that even the students have to go to school sometimes or that some people have to go to work sometime (or maybe I'm wrong). My presentation was on Thursday and I was the only presenter in English.
I grow up close to Polish border therefore I can understand Polish language but I cannot speak. I was watching the American cartoons and movies in Polish TV whole my childhood. So I decided to practice and I watched two presentations on Friday. Actually the enthusiasm of speakers at lunch convinced me to come to the presentations. The Ryszard Horodecki's "Różne oblicza informatyki kwantowej" was very interesting with great presenter however I didn't understand at least half of the presentation mostly because of my Polish. Then I watched amazing movie about "Mysterious World of Atomic Nuclei" in ""Programowanie orientowane obiektowo w monitorowaniu i analizie online eksperymentów fizyki jądrowej" presentation.
On Saturday I was at "Techniki łamania zabezpieczeń w bankomatach" from Piotr Konieczny. Lot of interesting informations. For example how to change "water into goods from vending machine". It's real magic for those who believe in wizards and witches.
The Cracow city has small historical center with lot of rock/jazz/etc. clubs close to it. And the Wavel castle is nice as well. And have I forgotten about Kazimierz in night?

Tuesday Mar 10, 2009

Presenting at SFI in Krakow

I was invited to give a talk about "Open source products and quality testing" to "Studencki Festiwal Informatyczny" at Cracow in Poland. It seems that it will be fun as I'm the only speaker in English. My Polish isn't good enough yet ask I developed it on cartoon movies for kids long time ago :)

And I'm not sure how they will accept talk about testing. AFAIR, that topic was the last thing that bothered me at university. I'm looking forward to this event. I shouldn't forget my camera to be able to post some nice pictures of Cracow. Oh, I completely forgot to thank to the organizers for invitation. And to Radek Holewa for recommendation.

Friday Jan 23, 2009

Good luck to all the RIFed colleges

Yesterday lot of my colleagues from the Sun offices all around the world left the company because of the reduction in force (RIF). I wanted to say "Good bye and thank you for all the contributions to NetBeans IDE". I hope that you'll be fine soon. These are not the best days to get riffed when there is a financial crises out there.

It is not easy to find out who left and who is staying. When your email to somebody's address returns it could be the sign. The Prague NetBeans team wasn't affected too much however there are some losses...

This is the main channel to share news, tips and other stuff related to my work. Sometimes you can find even personal stuff. Enjoy your reading...


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