Tuesday Jul 21, 2009

Nifty Wiki Diagramming

Did you know you can create nifty diagrams via Sun Wikis? Here's a sample flow diagram that I created in a few minutes:

The nice thing about wikifying your thoughts in the form of a wiki diagram is not only ease of conveying your idea, but you can easily open up iteration of your idea to others. The wiki has version history, so if someone "veers" too far off course, for example, you can retrieve previous versions.

Here's how:

Wednesday Apr 09, 2008

When to wiki?

The thing I love about the online community space is you never really know how people are going to leverage the tools placed in front of them -- especially when the tool is as cross-functional as a wiki. Sure, there are the easy to predict use cases that come to fruition and the easy to predict grey use cases, but observing how contributers approach the grey areas, in addition to the unpredictable super clever user cases, is what interests me.

In the wiki arena, one of those grey areas is when should a wiki be used vs a traditional corporate webpage? Certainly, the two should compliment & not compete with each other. A good wiki will "...appeal to a niche that isn't entirely satisfied elsewhere" (via How to make a successful wiki).

As you may have heard, Sun announced the industry's first dual-socket chip multithreading technology (CMT) platforms today. To compliment the launch, one of the CMT team staff engineers spearheaded the creation of a CMT wiki. Per the wiki's entry page:

"Designed by engineers for engineers, this interactive site offers the best of breed Sun Blueprints, technical whitepapers, solution briefs, benchmarks, power calculators, documentation and blogs on Chip Multithreading, all in one place."

In addition to traditional wiki content that will hopefully drive visitor interaction via the comments feature, the wiki has many cross-pollinating pointers to traditional website content that is posted on sun.com product pages, CMT blog posts on blogs.sun.com, etc.

Does the CMT wiki introduce overlap with traditional website content? I don't think so, but as the program owner of wikis.sun.com, I may be biased. I think the CMT engineering team did a great job of complimenting the official product pages and driving traffic to them -- as an example, I found these nifty power consumption calculators because of the wiki.

I'm curious how other companies have offered clarity around the question of when to use a wiki vs the traditional corporate website to deliver content.

Update Stewart Mader wrote a blog post that offers four tips for making the decision of whether content is best suited for a wiki or a traditional website: http://www.ikiw.org/2008/04/09/when-to-wiki-and-when-not-to/

Sunday Oct 07, 2007

Speed-blogging links: Oct 7, 2007

I'm not a big fan of blogging lists of links, but I'm short on time and see value in the following. Pardon the rushed nature, but here you go:

What Would You Do with SunWikis Remote API? Igor, wikis.sun.com, engineer is seeking use cases for a remote API. In addition to hearing specific suggestions, I'm curious to see if this is an effective approach for gathering site input from Sun and non-Sun employees since the site is writable by by both groups.

Why Web 3.0? Henry Story's interesting post on the evolution of the web and the desire of many to discuss, label and define it's incarnations.

Tracking Keywords on Twitter Pat Patterson has an excellent tip for leveraging a new Twitter feature for tracking keywords. Who cares? Well, if you can track when someone is talking about a specific topic, you can join the conversation...real time. Pat's summarized experience:
"A few days ago I tweeted (posted an update on Twitter) that I was looking at OAuth. A few seconds later, Mark Atwood IM'd me: "Any questions about OAuth? I'm one of the spec authors". Wow. How did that happen?"

Top Bloggers Making Critical SEO Marketing Mistakes lead me to a neat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) site that evaluates your site and makes recommendations on where it is search engine friendly & where you can apply tweaks to increase it's findability.

She's Geeky. A Technology (Un)conference For Women October 22nd & 23rd at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA.

Sr. Community Engineering Program Manager/Acting Director for Sun's external social networking sites (blogs, forums, wikis, etc.). Skrocki's personal blog, LinkedIn.


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