Thursday Jul 24, 2008

TODAY: Greyhounds available for adoption at Sun's Broomfield Campus

Mile High Race Track has closed and there is a fantastic group of greyhounds now up for adoption via Recyled Racers and Colorado Greyhound Adoption. Some of the dogs will be on site at the Sun Broomfield Campus today from 11AM to 1PM for an employee meet and greet.

If you are in the market for a dog, please consider a greyhound. They have such a calm, sweet demeanor (tho' every one has it's own personality, of course). Lola (our greyhound pictured on the left), was very easy to train when we introduced her to our home. She's super sweet with our cats and any kids that may visit. Her doggie manners were excellent when we introduced her to our other dog, Ellie (pictured on the right).

For those worried about not having space for a big dog, greyhounds are very graceful and super relaxed. Lola spends most of her time napping in my office and is a total indoor dog for the most part, but there's nothing more heart-warming than to see her running on her own terms in her own yard -- you can hear the thump of her feet. It's beautiful

I'm going to drop by the event today -- just to visit. I'm already two pets over the legal limit, but keep that on the down low. ;-)

P.S. If you're not in Colorado, but are interested in adopting a greyhound, search for your local greyhound rescue here:

Monday Jul 21, 2008

Scott McNealy on being an entrepreneur

He's still the king of the one liners...

Congrats Shereen Fink!

I love this article about my friend, neighbor, Sun colleague and philanthropist, Shereen Fink. We live in an agricultural community with a large population of Spanish speakers, so the volunteer work that Shereen does to teach English is incredibly valuable to her students and our community.

Congrats on the well-deserved recognition, Shereen! :-D

Monday Jun 23, 2008

5,000th Sun Blogger!

This is a great year for Sun blogging milestones. In March the site reached it's 100,000th comment, in April it turned four and reached it's 100,000th blog post, and today, we welcome our 5,000th blogger. That's ~15% of our employees/interns blogging directly on this site with many more blogging on their own non-Sun sites -- if they'd like, we syndicate their blogs too in the "Recent Posts" section of the main Sun Blogs page.

Please welcome to our 5,000th blogger, Alexey Ilyin, blogging from Russia at the Sun x64 - High Availability blog. Alexey tells me that the blog will have content in both Russian and English.

Congratulations to the 4,999 of you who led us to this milestone by initiating such rich conversation! :-D

Friday Jun 20, 2008

Get Smart Released today: Look for Sun's Movie Star

Get Smart, starring Anne Hathaway and Steve Carell, released in US theaters today and Sun has it's very own star cameo. Be sure to look for the Sun Storage Tek SL8500 Modular Library System in the scene below.

PSSST...yeah, YOU, the blog-less Sun employee...

We've seen you lingering around here for a while -- reading blogs, commenting on blogs, dreaming about being one of the cool kids on the "Popular Blogs" list, thinking about starting a blog, but never pulled the trigger.

Granted, blogging isn't for everyone, but if you have a desire to engage in conversation about your work, hobbies, thermometer collection, etc., why not click the Register link and be on your way already? It's not only good for Sun, but it can also be good for your career and a great contribution to your digital footprint -- the thing that some say is the new resume.

Here's the express route:

1. Register/Login
2. One the Main Menu click "Create new weblog"
3. Click on "New Entry"
4. Compose your first post
5. Click the "Post to Weblog" button and you're in the club!

P.S. My not-so-hidden agenda is to get just 3 more Sun employees/interns to start blogging so we reach our 5,000th blogger milestone. If you are our 5,000th blogger, I'll write a post about it and send some link love your way! I know, it's not the fanciest prize, but that's all I got. ;-)

Thursday May 29, 2008

A day in the life of Jonathan Schwartz

Via The Economist:

Thursday May 22, 2008

Terry McKenzie, Employee Comms Director, on Blogging at Sun

In the "duh, why didn't I ask that?" category...

One of the sites that I program manage, Sun Forums, is one of the most widely used of all Sun community sites (more than 800k users who have posted nearly 4 million messages).

While the site has served as a useful communication conduit, it's had plenty of struggles -- many around community management. To help mend some fences, the core team created a "News and Updates Forum" where any of the users have direct access to the core team. Via the forum, we've taken some rightful beatings, but it's proven to be a place where we can gather amazingly rich, well thought out suggestions from our power users and a few new users -- a place where we fully open our ears, pull up our sleeves and DO SOMETHING with the feedback. We're a very small team, but we're making progress and are committed to continue to do so.

One of the downsides to the News and Updates forum is a large volume of off-topic posts. The team of users and forums core team members have implemented a few tweaks and processes to help redirect off-topic posters to a more appropriate forum. These changes have helped, but the off-topic posts continue (a few per day).

Today, one of our power users posted the following in response to an off-topic poster:
"Could you explain how you came to post your query in this topic? For some reason people keep doing this. It's a fairly obscure topic name and section, so there's a bug (real or usability related) that causes people to do this. This thread will be deleted in a minute, but if you could explain how it got here first that might be helpful."

Gee, why didn't I think to ask that? Excellent Question, Dave! :-)

Wednesday May 14, 2008

SmugMug and Sun

Via Chhandomay, a glimpse into SmugMug's experience as a Sun Customer:

Friday May 09, 2008

Sun's Revised Blogging Policy (AKA Guidelines on Public Discourse)

Sun's blogging policy, also known as Sun Guidelines on Public Discourse, is a masterpiece, in my opinion. It was originally written four years ago when our blog site was first deployed. It's spirit and intent was spot-on then and has served us so well over the years that we revised it to make it less blogging-centric so it can scale across our other community site.

The revision was a collaborative effort between Sun representatives from HR, Legal, Export, Privacy, Trademark, IP, Tim Bray, and myself.

To be honest, I went into the revision effort expecting to defend the document as tho' it were The Constitution, but I'm happy to report that the spirit of the document was eagerly preserved by everyone involved.

Here is a full summary of the revisions:

1. The title includes the term Guidelines instead of Policy (links to related Sun policies are provided in the document)
2. The content is no longer blogging-centric since the meaning scales nicely to cover other community sites (Forums, Wikis, Mediacast, Planets, etc.)
3. It includes additional guidelines that cover:
  • Not commenting on Sun legal matters
  • Links to related Sun policies for easy reference
  • Professional behavior as a Sun representative in virtual worlds
  • Disclosing your Sun relationship when writing about Sun related topics
  • Community moderation
  • Proper use of other people's information

Sunday Apr 27, 2008

Sun Blogs Turns Four! What's next?

Yup, Sun Blogs celebrates another birthday. Today, it's four. Looking at the stats on the front page, I'd say this site proves to be a wildly successful conduit for engaging in conversation:
  • Total weblogs: 4257
  • Total users: 4787
  • Total entries: 100824
  • Total comments: 104064

What's in store for Sun Blogs in the future? More great blogging, of course. Tho', according to a recent article by CNET, Jonathan, our CEO, "sees an end to blogging". I wasn't present at the Web 2.0 Expo keynote, but I'd wager the comment referenced was more about seeing an end to the common use of the term "blogging" since, in actuality, the purpose behind blogging really boils down to "communicating". Jonathan explains it best in this quote from a July 15th, 2007 blog post:

"I'd love it if we one day eliminated the term "blogging" from the web lexicon (and that we stopped pursuing "CEO's who blog."). CEO's who have cell phones aren't "cell-phoners," those who have email accounts arent "emailers," those who give interviews on television aren't "TV'ers" - they're all leaders using technology to communicate. Communication is central to leadership - using words, written or spoken, to articulate strategy, guide organizations, engage in dialog, and... lead. Leading two or 200,000, you can't do it without communicating. Using technology just leaves more time for everything else (I'm not saying stone tablets can't be effective, they just take way longer to distribute)."

Blogs, as well as countless other internet services, make that communication super simple -- much like the telephone. Had the telephone been called the "Social Machine", many companies may have blocked it's use much like they do social networking sites. It's not about meaningless socializing. It's about about building useful relationships that are conducive to fruitful collaboration and anything that enables easy information sharing is goodness in my book -- especially in the corporate world. Will blogging be around forever? Will anything be around forever? I hope we continue to see the box of information sharing tools continue to expand and I can't wait to see what's next.

On that note, here's to more great, I mean communicating!

Tuesday Mar 25, 2008

NEW diagramming tool on

A new diagramming tool, Gliffy, is now enabled on Simply login, navigate to the page where you'd like to create a diagram, click on "Add diagram" & away you go!

The tool is capable of creating flow & architectural diagrams, user interface mock-ups, room layouts, etc. Check out this 2 minute tour for a bit more information:

Tip: To extend the page size for larger diagrams, adjust the width & height page properties on the right panel. Sounds obvious, but a room full of us were using the tool and neglected to notice it until Igor saved the day.

Thursday Mar 06, 2008

Developing relationships 140 characters at a time

When people ask me what Twitter is, I usually say "It's a combination of a micro-blog tool/text messaging/chatroom/feed reader with your friends, family, colleagues, co-workers and favorite time-sensitive, feeds (news feeds, earnings announcements, etc.)."

When I first started using Twitter, I had a common reaction to it: "Great, one more point of distraction." "I barely have time for the friends I have -- why would I want to allocate time to strangers?"

It's proven me wrong. I now seem to have a more focused work blog. Those crazy off-topic thoughts with a high blogability factor, now find their way to Twitter, where there is a better opportunity of immediate conversation to compliment the emotions related to the real time experience.

I've also developed some amazing relationships with people in the tech sector:
  • Sun colleagues (I now know more about Sun outside of my organization & have realized my colleagues and I share some super cool interest commonalities & develop a deeper knowledge about these interests as a result)
  • Analysts (I now know more about the tech sector & they have better visibility of cool stuff going on at Sun by following Sun folks)
  • Tech celebs in the social networking space (early access to what's hot, what works, ideas on what I can do to improve my work charter & they also get improved visibility into Sun)
  • Even a CEO of a company that develops the software that runs Sun Wikis (one of the programs that I manage). Jeffrey and I will be co-hosting an Enterprise 2.0 session this summer.
Is Twitter a relevant work tool? Sure, I think so! :-)

The Common Craft Show has once again provided a comprehensive video that may offer more insight if you're curious:

Saturday Jan 19, 2008

How Jonathan "popped the question" and other MySQL acquisition answers

In addition to telling us how he "popped the question" of the acquisition to Marten Mickos, MySQL's CEO, Jonathan's latest post answers a lot of questions that have been raised regarding Sun acquiring MySQL -- What happens with PostgreSQL, how this affects our relationship with Oracle, what the revenue synergies are, and more.

Via Masood's blog, here's a great video by Robin Miller that captures the acquisition thoughts from James Gosling & the MySLQ creators:

And one more video about the acquisition with surprise guests showing up at 3:30 minutes into the video:


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