Monday Oct 05, 2009

Checking off the "Be a guest blogger" box

Since my 1st official blog post 5+ years ago, I've been a sole blogger (only blogger contributing to a blog), a soul blogger ;-), a group blogger, a behind-the-scenes blog helper (for friends, interesting people & high profile people with a blogphobia), a blog trainer, a blog site admin, but never an invited guest blogger...until now!

Thanks to another "serendipitous connection via social networking", as I call it, I can now sport around the badge titled "Guest Blogger". It all started when @KylePLacy, Author of Twitter Marketing for Dummies, tweeted the following to me "I really think you should do a guest post on my blog. What do you think?" To which I responded "What if my neglected blog finds out? What did you have in mind?".

I went with a topic that is often discussed: Corporate Social Media Policies -- something Sun, specifically the Sun Blog Founders, nailed several years ago and continues to be a solid template for other companies social media policies. Have a look at the guest post "Do Tight Corporate Social Media Policies Help or Hinder?" & let me know what you think.

Sunday Apr 26, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Sun Blogs!

It's been five amazingly successful years for as of today. The success of this site has often been the focal point of corporate blogging done well and while the physical site, statistics, and sensible guidelines are impressive works of art, it's the the less tangible accomplishments that matter most to me.

Similar to the sentiments attached to my childhood home address, "" is not only the cornerstone for my digital footprint and where I first blogged, but it's where I learned that protecting ones professional voice is worth fighting for. It's a place where I am encouraged not only to communicate openly with the market place and the world about my focus at Sun, but as stated on the front page of this site it's also a place where I'm welcomed to "write about anything". It's through many of us writing about "anything", that I've met people near and far whom I respect, admire, learn from and consider friends.

In my post one year ago today, I wrote "What's in store for Sun Blogs in the future? More great blogging, of course." Facing that same question today amidst micro-blogging and a pending acquisition, I can't really begin to venture a guess at what's next for this site, but what I do know is something I've said in many conversations when asked about providing social tools in the corporate space -- whether tools are conveniently placed in front of them or not, people will find a way to connect and communicate. It's in our DNA.

A million thanks to the Sun Blog founders and anyone who has contributed to this great conversation via a blog post, a comment, or even a leisurely read!

More posts on this topic.

Friday Apr 03, 2009

Things that warm my heart...

  1. A colleague receiving well-deserved recognition for his amazing contributions, brilliance and eagerness to share it. Congratulations, Joe Mocker, for your latest title of Principal Engineer! Not only is Joe able to solve the toughest technology problems, but he does it with such a friendly, humble style.
  2. A boss who is willing to persevere through the industrial strength red tape and ridiculous volumes of work by taking the time to ensure his staff are taken care of and rewarded. See #1. Thanks Will.
  3. Celebrities who have a soul and genuinely care about others beyond themselves. Well handled, @MrsKutcher!
  4. People who are willing take the time to share tips based on their own challenging experiences. Thank you Katy, for your "After the RIF notice, before you leave" blog post.
  5. Corporations who get that community tools are for building authentic relationships with members -- real human beings that share commonality -- in the community. Kudos to @cbs4denver for getting this! One of my favorite tweets of yours: "cbs4denver Hello all, we're just sitting down for our afternoon editorial meeting. Please join us." Every day, via Twitter, they invite their fellow neighbors into the news room to pitch ideas on what the collective "we" want to talk about. I love that.
  6. This blog, and folks who follow it. Micro-blogging on Twitter is all well and good, but there's nothing like carving out un-rushed time to write down complete thoughts.
  7. And lastly, via my home girl, Mary's blog (you'll want to have your lighters ready and someone you love next to you before you click play):

Sunday Nov 18, 2007

Poll: Is it still spam if the spammer is posting their own comments relevant to the topic?

Is it still spam if the spammer is posting their own comments relevant to the topic?
YES, their primary agenda is still to drive traffic to their site.
MAYBE NOT, most non-spam commenters also post a link to their site.
NO, as long as they are posting original thoughts relevant to the conversation. free polls

Thursday Oct 04, 2007

Sun Blogs Acknowledged in the '07 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

If you haven't checked out Sun's recently released Corporate Social Responsibility Report, it's worth a look.

In addition to shining the light on Sun's involvement in Eco Responsibility, Global Citizenship, How we work, etc., it also mentions our Culture of Transparency via communication channels such as Sun Blogs:

"Our culture of transparency continued to grow in fiscal 2007 with the creation of new employee blogs. These blogs provide insights into Sun from numerous sources — our CEO, executives, engineers, marketeers, and many more. And while Sun does have a policy on blog content, our employees are not required to obtain approval for their blog content, even though Sun, as a company, may not agree with everything written. That fact alone clearly demonstrates how important maintaining transparency is to Sun."

I couldn't agree more with that last sentence. My favorite example of Sun blogs being "accessible to any Sun employee to write about anything" (the site's tag line), is Kelly's blog, "Transgender @ Sun". I love that I work at a company where diversity and acceptance is not just talked about -- it's demonstrated through consistent action. The passion and behavior of Sun employees based on this trust is apparent.

I find it interesting that although trust is a two way street, the focus in the blogoshpere is often on companies going out on a limb by trusting employees to blog on a corporate sponsored site, but the fact is, employees also go out on a limb for companies when they contribute content to the company blog site (whether it's personal or not).

To me, seeing Kelly's blog highlighted in the report is a shining symbol of Sun acknowledging the mutual trust (and gain) involved in building a successful corporate blog site.

Friday Sep 28, 2007

US Government Blog Site Launches...

...with Roller (the same open source, Java-based blogging software that this site uses). Check it out. Congrats to Henry, IT Specialist, & team.

Side note: I just noticed the Roller site has a new look. Nicely done, Dave!

Friday Jul 20, 2007

The tag cloud has been neutered. I repeat. The tag cloud has been neutered.

For those not in the loop, we deployed a new front page late yesterday. The big changes were the addition of a tag cloud and a "New Sun Bloggers" element.

Overall, we received an expected mixed review, but one bit of feedback was clear...the tag cloud was ginormous\*. So it was limited from 100 tags to 50 and the intensity of the tag sizes was decreased slightly.

There are a few other suggestions that were offered and they too are being evaluated.

\* Yes, it's now in the dictionary.

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