Thursday Oct 04, 2007

Sun Blogs Acknowledged in the '07 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

If you haven't checked out Sun's recently released Corporate Social Responsibility Report, it's worth a look.

In addition to shining the light on Sun's involvement in Eco Responsibility, Global Citizenship, How we work, etc., it also mentions our Culture of Transparency via communication channels such as Sun Blogs:

"Our culture of transparency continued to grow in fiscal 2007 with the creation of new employee blogs. These blogs provide insights into Sun from numerous sources — our CEO, executives, engineers, marketeers, and many more. And while Sun does have a policy on blog content, our employees are not required to obtain approval for their blog content, even though Sun, as a company, may not agree with everything written. That fact alone clearly demonstrates how important maintaining transparency is to Sun."

I couldn't agree more with that last sentence. My favorite example of Sun blogs being "accessible to any Sun employee to write about anything" (the site's tag line), is Kelly's blog, "Transgender @ Sun". I love that I work at a company where diversity and acceptance is not just talked about -- it's demonstrated through consistent action. The passion and behavior of Sun employees based on this trust is apparent.

I find it interesting that although trust is a two way street, the focus in the blogoshpere is often on companies going out on a limb by trusting employees to blog on a corporate sponsored site, but the fact is, employees also go out on a limb for companies when they contribute content to the company blog site (whether it's personal or not).

To me, seeing Kelly's blog highlighted in the report is a shining symbol of Sun acknowledging the mutual trust (and gain) involved in building a successful corporate blog site.

Friday Sep 28, 2007

US Government Blog Site Launches...

...with Roller (the same open source, Java-based blogging software that this site uses). Check it out. Congrats to Henry, IT Specialist, & team.

Side note: I just noticed the Roller site has a new look. Nicely done, Dave!

Friday May 04, 2007

Got Twitter?

In web 2.0 time, my official account setup in the Twitter-verse is late. I've been following conversations about it and have even dropped by for a few minutes here and there. As of this week, I pitched camp with the intention of staying as long as it takes to get a full dose of it.

As with all social media venues, people are going to use Twitter in ways that meet their individual needs. Perfect! A few "a-list bloggers" seemed to have modified their way of life and are full converts preaching the word of Twitter. Again, if that's what meets their needs in this space, excellent! They feel "a deeper connection with their friends". As Leisa says in her blog entry about her twitter experience, "Oh and…call me lame, but I DO care about what you had for dinner. I may want to eat there someday. It’s helpful for me."

For the most part, I have no need to know what my friends had for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I'm sure they feel the same about me. Similar to the depth of this blog, my presence in this space is far from that of an a-lister. I have no intent on becoming famous in the live web or else where. The level of personal detail that I share here is at a depth I feel comfortable with.

Do I see value in Twitter for my own use? Sure. It's a good thing to watch or participate in a conversation with people I normally wouldn't have easy access to. For me, those people are folks who are deeply involved in the social media space. I won't always be "on" and will likely be active on Twitter for a specific reason -- such as, to join/observe a conversation about a hot topic, to engage with someone specific, to kill boredom, etc. No different than the a-listers or Twitter evangelicals, I guess -- my dose is simply different.

As a new Twitterer (?), there's plenty to learn and I may one day be fully baptized in the Church of Twitter. In the meantime, a couple things I'm curious about:

1. I've seen people talk about Twitter replacing blogging for them in part or entirely. Since the submitted data is so fragmented and there doesn't seem to be notion of tagging, how does one search/find content?

2. For bloggers who do choose to use Twitter to record meaningful thoughts that they don't have time to blog, are there any concerns about long term archival of their content? What if Twitter flew the coop TODAY? As the Twitter TOS states "We reserve the right to modify or terminate the service for any reason, without notice at any time." And yes, this is a common disclaimer for most blog sites as well, but because Twitter is so far from formal content, I wonder if most twitterers have/will think about content archival.

So, you think you want to Twitter? Have a look... In the Twitter-verse, I'm known as lskrocki. Tweet at me if you see me around.

Sunday Mar 04, 2007

Blogging as an employee motivation tool

Just finished reading John Clingan's entry about hitting his 10th anniversary at Sun. During the last 10 years, Sun has shown a stunning array of innovation, highs and lows. Taking that into account, want to know what he describes as being most rewarding?
", both in reading and publishing content. Being able to share what I learn and continually learning from others ( and beyond) is extremely rewarding."
Very cool. Very cool indeed. Congrats John! :-D

Sunday Feb 25, 2007

Blog Bling is like eye shadow...

eyeshadow ...a little bit goes a long way. And right now, the Library Thing is causing my blog to push the limits both visually and page load wise. It's probably nearing the blue eye shadow with matching liner and mascara stage, but since I was a teen in the eighties, I have solid experience at this kind of thing and therefore the risk involved in this kind of maneuver is limited, but still, I rightfully aspire to become a semi blog widget minimalist when the new Roller themes roll-out.
Quick side note: The new themes are gorgeous -- Greg is building them now and we hope to roll them out to next month. I think most of them will be Sun brand-free by default, so the Roller community can leverage them as well. Sun folks who like the Sun ad widget, can still add it to their blog if they'd like no matter which theme they use.
Anyway, how much blog bling is too much? Well, that's subjective of course, but if one equates blog bling to eye make-up, this dude is sporting multiple shades of eye shadow & liner, and heavy mascara on fake lashes -- think Boy George circa 1985.

On the other hand, I like the spirit of sharing that blog widgets introduce -- both by the freely distributed widgets themselves as well as the blogger information they reveal.

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