Skrocki's Weblog Frequently Asked Questions

What's your name? Your real name? My stage name, or blog name as we say in the business, is Skrocki. My real name is Linda Skrocki.

Who are you? I am a Sun Microsystems Engineering Program Manager (technically, I'm a "Sr. Program Manager" by experience, not age, but some peeps might think that's ostentatious even tho' I've earned the title -- I've been PMing for > 11 years and have had my share of pretty hairy projects where I was the designated whipping post.) I'm currently PMing Sun Blogs, Sun's Store Content Mgt System (internally known as 9 languages), and's Portal project.

I'm also a wife of ~15 years (to the same man :-)), a mother of one super cool chicklette for ~11 years, a sucker for a homeless animal (3 felines, 2 canines, 3 guppies, ~10 fry (that's baby guppy for the laypersons out there)). I'm a native Coloradan, who longs for the sea. I enjoy poker, knitting, gardening, travel, reading, blogging, quiet family time, pedicures, and snow peas.

What can be expected from your blog? Well, ummm, it's an extra-curricular thing, so expect a random frequency of posts that hopefully fall in one of two categories: informative or entertaining. Know that I am cursed with obscure humor which some call sarcasm...I don't mean to offend anyone, but if I do, I'm terribly sorry. My current boss brought up my 'smart-assedness' in a one-on-one a few times, but I finally convinced him that asking me to change that particular element would be like asking me to get a personality transplant...he stopped bringing it up. :-)

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