Thursday Oct 04, 2007

Sun Blogs Acknowledged in the '07 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

If you haven't checked out Sun's recently released Corporate Social Responsibility Report, it's worth a look.

In addition to shining the light on Sun's involvement in Eco Responsibility, Global Citizenship, How we work, etc., it also mentions our Culture of Transparency via communication channels such as Sun Blogs:

"Our culture of transparency continued to grow in fiscal 2007 with the creation of new employee blogs. These blogs provide insights into Sun from numerous sources — our CEO, executives, engineers, marketeers, and many more. And while Sun does have a policy on blog content, our employees are not required to obtain approval for their blog content, even though Sun, as a company, may not agree with everything written. That fact alone clearly demonstrates how important maintaining transparency is to Sun."

I couldn't agree more with that last sentence. My favorite example of Sun blogs being "accessible to any Sun employee to write about anything" (the site's tag line), is Kelly's blog, "Transgender @ Sun". I love that I work at a company where diversity and acceptance is not just talked about -- it's demonstrated through consistent action. The passion and behavior of Sun employees based on this trust is apparent.

I find it interesting that although trust is a two way street, the focus in the blogoshpere is often on companies going out on a limb by trusting employees to blog on a corporate sponsored site, but the fact is, employees also go out on a limb for companies when they contribute content to the company blog site (whether it's personal or not).

To me, seeing Kelly's blog highlighted in the report is a shining symbol of Sun acknowledging the mutual trust (and gain) involved in building a successful corporate blog site.

Wednesday Oct 03, 2007

HAPpy Birthday, Mr. Skrocki :-)

mnl Today is Mr. Skrocki's 40th birthday, so instead of making a fool of myself and attempting to sing him the Marilyn Monroe rendition of Happy Birthday or attempting to write him a song, I thought I'd limit the corniness to posting the following video of one of his all time favorite singers (& I'm sure it has nothing to do with the tight pants she had to be sewn into in "Grease" ;-)):

Friday Sep 28, 2007

US Government Blog Site Launches...

...with Roller (the same open source, Java-based blogging software that this site uses). Check it out. Congrats to Henry, IT Specialist, & team.

Side note: I just noticed the Roller site has a new look. Nicely done, Dave!

Monday Sep 17, 2007

World's 1st LOL Zucchini

You've heard of lolcats. Check out the world's first lolzuke:


Igor put a lot good stuff into the wikis release. Full release notes here.

Wednesday Sep 05, 2007

Sun CEO Blog Syndication on Yahoo Finance Pages

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Charles S. and Matt G. from Yahoo on a neat little project to syndicate our CEO's blog entries on Sun's Yahoo Finance page. Now, when Jonathan posts a blog entry, you'll see it under the Financial Blogs section:


It's a pretty cool and first of it's kind setup.

Thursday Aug 23, 2007

Major event at the in-laws

My in-laws favorite pass time is watching televised sports, so the television set is a major part of their lifestyle -- and by "major", I mean ginormous! Every few years the necessity to replace their television becomes a major thing. All extended family members are pulled into numerous discussions prior to a decision being made.

When they were forced to make the jump from a television in a faux wood cabinet that sat on the floor to a television that sat on a console, it was a big deal -- and by "big", I mean ginormous! (OK, I'll stop with the ginormous thing).

Now...they are forced to go from a television that sits on a console to a television that hangs on the wall.'s not going to hang on the wall. It will sit on the console...

...just as the good Lord intended.


Tuesday Aug 21, 2007

10AM PT Ustream: Sun's Eco Innovation Initiative Announcment

More info about the Eco Innovation Initiative here (be sure to check out the data center tour video).

Announcement via Ustream begins at 10AM PT:

Saturday Aug 04, 2007

My blog in the Technorati 100?!

Thanks to Dave Winer, I noticed that my blog is in the Technorati 100! In fact, it's ranked #1!


Oh...but so is ThinGuys blog...


And...Kevin's blog...


Oh well..

Monday Jul 30, 2007

TODAY: Your express route to Sun's 2007 earnings announcement

Details here.

Super express route through the above details is here.

Friday Jul 20, 2007

The tag cloud has been neutered. I repeat. The tag cloud has been neutered.

For those not in the loop, we deployed a new front page late yesterday. The big changes were the addition of a tag cloud and a "New Sun Bloggers" element.

Overall, we received an expected mixed review, but one bit of feedback was clear...the tag cloud was ginormous\*. So it was limited from 100 tags to 50 and the intensity of the tag sizes was decreased slightly.

There are a few other suggestions that were offered and they too are being evaluated.

\* Yes, it's now in the dictionary.

Tuesday Jul 17, 2007

Social Media Index

Sixtysecondview has summarized an interesting attempt to measure one's social media footprint via what they call the "Social Media Index". They realize this is a first throw and there is a fair amount of subjectivity involved, but as far as social media rankings go, it seems reasonable.

They test drove their methodology by using the top 30 bloggers from the CNET Blog 100 list and scored them based on their presence in the following:
\* Blog - analysed Google Rank, inbound links, subscribers, alexa rank, content focus, frequency of updates, number of comments
\* Multi-format - analysed Facebook - number of friends
\* Mini-updates - analysed Twitter - number of friends, followers and updates
\* Business cards - analysed LinkedIn - number of contacts
\* Visual - analysed Flickr - number of photos uploaded from the person/s or about the person/s
\* Favourites - analysed Digg,

Each score out of 10 was the given the following weighting across the categories :
Blog - 30%; Multi-format - 20%; Mini-updates - 25%, Business cards - 7%, Visual - 3%; Favourites - 15% which created a total score for each category. The sum of each of these numbers created an individual’s Social Media Index. Clear as mud. And about as appetising for some I suspect, because the weighting system is massively subjective. I repeat, it is our first stab at it and we are interested in your take.
Based on this index, how did our Chief rank?


Not bad. The majority of his points were gained because of his blog (no surprise there). His overall index score took a hit because he apparently doesn't use Twitter or LinkedIn -- I'm thinking as a CEO of a Fortune 500, that may not be a bad thing. ;-)

Friday May 11, 2007

Who has "the gold standard among CEO blogs"?

Answer: CEO Jonathan Schwartz's blog, according to this article. The article goes on to say that his blog "consistently oozes his distinctive voice".

Friday Apr 27, 2007

Woot-off in progress!!!

Back in the 80's when I worked at K-Mart to pay for my high school eye shadow needs, I would have thought a person would be crazy if they told me one day I'd be blogging about a woot-off. And now, thanks to Rama explaining to me what a "woot-off" is, here I am -- blogging about a woot-off.

For those not in the know, it's like a K-Mart blue light special -- only it's on the web.

Hurry! Supplies are limited...

Interesting Summary: Corporate blogging case studies

The IndiaPRBlog has an aggregated list of several corporate blogging case studies. In addition to Sun blogs, they also touch on a few other great corporate blog sites: Macromedia, Southwest Airlines, and uber blogger, Scoble. They summarized the following regarding Sun blogs:
"Sun is said to promote employee blogging more than any other technology firm and is the largest company with a CEO who blogs. Sun’s slightly unconventional CEO Jonathan Schwartz, one of only a couple Fortune 500 CEOs with blogs, was an early advocate of executive blogging. Hundreds of thousands of visitors read Schwartz’ blog each month and on a recent day it had received over 6,000 hits.

Sun’s blog was created to improve both communications with the public and collaboration with outside developers and programmers who author third-party applications for Sun’s systems.Today over 3,000 of Sun’s 32,000 employees have corporate blogs, many receiving thousands of hits per day."
For the full Sun blogging case study, check out the BCOM 522 blog entry titled "Blogging Done Right: Sun Microsystems".

I'll add this to our Sun blogs anniversary aggregation to throw some non-Sun bloggers observations about Sun blogs into the mix.

Thursday Apr 26, 2007

My experiences as a Sun Blogger

blog As turns three, I thought I'd share some of my corporate blogging experiences and lessons learned. I've been blogging on this site for nearly three years and have the pleasure of being the site's engineering program manager.

One commonly asked question that is raised when discussing Sun blogs casually or in a blogging 101 session that a couple of my business partners and I offer to Sun and non-Sun groups is "Have we ever had a situation where a blogger posted something they shouldn't have?"

The answer is not really. Of the >65 thousand Sun blog posts, I can count on one hand the times one of our self-policing bloggers have raised an eyebrow about a blog post. The benefits that come out of sharing proprietary information with our bloggers, including pre-announced information, far out-weighs the liability.

There was one situation that cropped up during my first month of program managing the site -- an intern posted a detailed entry about why a certain Sun product doesn't measure up. The Sun blogging community was quick to shine the light on both sides of the coin. Some thought the post should be deleted immediately while others thought the best thing to do was to leave it posted exactly the way it was and counter the post's inaccuracies by posting comments as well as publically accepting the truths and talk about why they exist and what can be done to address them. As it turns out, the intern removed the post, but in the end, I think most of us agree that keeping the post in place with clarifying comments would have been the best approach.

On that note, Sun has rolled the dice in letting employees blog freely. The site's tagline has served the company well -- "This space is accessible to any Sun employee to write about anything." If an employee wants to blog, they don't need an executive sponsor nor do they need to ask permission or sell someone on the idea of what their blog content will be, they simply need to register and use the corporate blogging policy as their guide. I think the employee-driven approach vs the corporate-driven approach lends itself well to the spirit of the blogosphere and is likely one of the key factors behind the high-percentage of employee bloggers at Sun.

Since there isn't a mechanism in place to fully measure the goodness that comes from corporate blogging, I'll shine the light on some of the goodness that I've seen triggered by Sun blogs:

Congratulations Sun bloggers! Thank you Roller Engineers! And thank you Sun Blog Founders and Sun Executive Management for rolling the dice!

Sr. Community Engineering Program Manager/Acting Director for Sun's external social networking sites (blogs, forums, wikis, etc.). Skrocki's personal blog, LinkedIn.


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