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Upcoming XFS Work in Linux v4.8 v4.9 and v4.10+, by Darrick Wong

The following is a write-up by Oracle mainline Linux kernel engineer, Darrick Wong. For the past year I have been working on a bunch of new features for the XFS filesystem on Linux. Modern-day XFS is a direct descendant of the original XFS code from SGI Irix that was donated long ago. The goals are the same -- XFS is intended to behave consistently as it scales to large storage and many files. v4.8: Reverse Mapping Back in 2014, Dave Chinner prototyped a mechanism for...

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 | Linux | Read More

Oracle Linux Kernel Developers at LinuxCon Japan

Several Oracle Linux kernel developers will be speaking at LinuxCon Japan next week in Tokyo, from July 13th-15th. Feature Rich BTRFS is Getting Richer With Encryption - Anand Jain Introduction to Coccinelle and SmPL - Vaishali Thakkar Linux Kernel Security Update - James Morris James Morris will also participate in the kernel developer panel along with other senior community kernel developers.

Friday, July 8, 2016 | Linux | Read More

Smatch Static Analysis Tool Overview, by Dan Carpenter

This is a posting by Oracle Linux Kernel Engineer, Dan Carpenter.  In this, he provides an overview of Smatch, the C static analysis tool which he developed, and which he uses to test the mainline Linux kernel code for security bugs. My job at Oracle is focused on finding security bugs in the Linux kernel. My favorite type of bug is off by one bugs where the code says: if (x > ARRAY_SIZE(table))return -EINVAL; The problem is that > should be changed to >= it so it says: if (x >=...

Thursday, December 10, 2015 | Linux | Read More

China Linux Storage and File System (CLSF) Workshop 2015 Report

This is a contributed post by Oracle mainline Linux kernel developer, Liu Bo, who recently presented at the 2015 China Linux Storage and File System (CLSF) Workshop.  CLSF is an invite-only event for Linux kernel developers in China. This event was held on October 15th and 16th in Nanjing. Ceph Haomai Wang from XSKY introduced some basic concepts about Ceph, e.g. MDS, Monitor, and OSD. Ceph caches all meta-data information (cluster map)on monitor-nodes so clients could fetch...

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 | Linux | Read More

Linux Kernel hugetlbfs Enhancements, by Mike Kravetz

The following is a write-up by Oracle Mainline Linux Kernel Engineer, Mike Kravetz, on his recent upstream work on enhancing hugetlbfs support in the Linux kernel. Introduction Linux huge page support has been present in the Linux kernel since 2003. When first introduced, the only way to take advantage of huge pages was viahugetlbfs. This often involved modifications to application code and explicit action by system administrators to set up and reserve pools ofhuge pages. As a...

Wednesday, October 7, 2015 | Linux | Read More

Upcoming LinuxCon Participation by Oracle Kernel Team & Related Folk

Next week in Seattle is a big one for Linux, with LinuxCon North America on from 17-19 August, as well as a series of co-located events, including CloudOpen, the Linux Plumbers Conference, ContainerCon, the Xen Project Developer Summit, and the Linux Security Summit.  There's a whole bunch more, including a 5km fun run at some point, for the truly enthusiastic. Several folks from the Oracle Mainline Linux Kernel team will be participating: Sowmini Varadhan will be giving two...

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 | Linux | Read More

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