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Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN) IP address changing on October 30, 2020

Avi Miller
Senior Solutions Architect

Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN) will be undergoing planned maintenance beginning on October 30th 2020 starting at 6pm Pacific time. This planned maintenance event is scheduled to be completed by 10pm Pacific time on the same date. During this planned maintenance event, the content delivery component of the Unbreakable Linux Network will move to a new IP address.

Servers that need to download content from ULN that reside behind a proxy or firewall that limits outbound connectivity based on destination IP address will be blocked by that proxy or firewall when attempting to connect.

This includes:

  • servers that are directly registered to ULN
  • servers configured to use uln-yum-mirror to synchronise content from ULN
  • Spacewalk Server instances that synchronise content from ULN
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager instances that synchronise content from ULN

Servers that are configured as downstream clients of a uln-yum-mirror instance or who are registered to a local Spacewalk instance that do not require traversal of the restrictive proxy or firewall are not affected.

Prior to October 30, 2020 customers must modify outbound proxy or firewall rules to allow outbound SSL/TLS connections on port 443 to communicate with linux-update.oracle.com using the destination IP address of

For more information, please see My Oracle Support Doc ID. 2720318.1.