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Training for Oracle Linux 7 and Earlier Versions

Linux system administration skills are key to many job roles and an advantage for those looking for new job opportunities. Whether you are interested in Linux 5, 6 or 7, the Oracle Linux curriculum has training for you. 

The subjects you should be familiar with before taking Oracle Linux training are: 

  • Types of user accounts
  • Working with files and directories in Unix
  • Text editing using vi
  • Unix process control
  • Unix shell command line features
  • Basic shell scripting
  • Archiving and compressing files in Unix
  • Performing remove connections and file transfers

If you already have this prerequisite knowledge, it is time for you to start on Oracle Linux training.

Oracle's 5-day Linux system administration courses provide you key skills including how to:

  • Enable kernel features.
  • Set up users and groups.
  • Configure system logging, the boot process, the network and storage.
  • Install additional software packages.
  • Keep the kernel up to date by using Ksplice.
  • Understand how implementing Ksplice gives you zero down time kernel updates.

Linux 7

For Linux 7, get started on the Oracle Linux 7: System Administration course.

You can take this course as a

  • Live-Virtual Event: Take training from your own desk, no travel required, choosing from events already on the schedule to suit your time zone (such as 21 September 2015 in French or 18 May, 8 June, 6 July, or 3 August 2015 in English).
  • In-Class Event: Travel to an education center to attend a class. Events already on the schedule include:


 Location  Date  Delivery Language
Hvidovre, Denmark 18 May 2015 English
London, England 13 July 2015 English
Manchester, England 27 July 2015 English
Reading, England 18 May 2015 English
Espoo, Finland 18 May 2015 English
Paris, France 3 August 2015 French
Berlin, Germany 29 June 2015 German
Hamburg, Germany 24 August 2015 German
Rome, Italy 25 May 2015 Italian
Turin, Italy 29 June 2015 Italian
Nairobi, Kenya 18 May 2015 English
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  3 May 2015 English
Johannesburg, South Africa 25 May 2015 English
Kista, Sweden 18 May 2015 English
Bangkok, Thailand 20 July 2015 English
Istanbul, Turkey 1 June 2015 Turkish
Reston, VA, United States  20 July 2015 English




Linux 5 & 6

For Linux 5 or 6, get started on the Oracle Linux System Administration course.

You can take this training through the following formats:

  • Training-on-Demand: Start training within 24 hours of registration, following lecture material at your own pace through streaming video and booking time to get hands-on experience.
  • Live-Virtual Event: Attend a live event from your own desk, no travel required. Events on the schedule include 3 May, 4 May, 10 May, and 11 May 2015.
  • In-Class Event: Travel to an education center to attend a class. Events already on the schedule include:


 Location  Date  Delivery Language
Canberra, Australia 12 October 2015 English
Melbourne, Australia  11 May 2015 English
Sydney, Australia 6 July 2015 English
Delhi, India 20 April 2015 English
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 20 July 2015 English
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 30 April 2015 English
Mexico City, Mexico 4 May 2015 Spanish
Makati City, Philippines 11 May 2015 English
Randburg, South Africa 29 June 2015 English
Bangkok, Thailand 18 May 2015 English
Belmont, CA, United States 20 July 2015 English
Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States 27 July 2015 English
Atlanta, GA, United States 15 June 2015 English
Chicago, IL, United States 14 September 2015 English
Roseville, MN, United States 4 May 2015 English
Edison, NJ, United States 3 August 2015 English
Reston, VA, United States 26 October 2015 English

This is the recommended training for the Oracle Linux 5 & 6 System Administrator Oracle Certified Associate certification exam

To register for an event or to learn more about the Oracle Linux Curriculum, go to http://oracle.com/education/linux.


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