Friday May 06, 2016

FRIDAY SPOTLIGHT: What is on tap for Linux Container strategy in 2016?

Happy Friday to all our blog readers!

This week we would like to draw your attention to an insightful article written by By Robert Shimp, Product Management Group VP, Oracle Linux and Virtualization, published in NetworkWorld on May 3, 2016.

What’s on tap for Linux container technology in 2016 

By Robert Shimp, Product Management Group VP, Oracle Linux and Virtualization 

Network World | May 3, 2016 12:12 PM PT

Some debates remain, including what operating system will run under container applications 

"White hot interest in containers has been driven by cloud computing’s demand to simplify deployment, streamline time to production, and automatically deliver the resources an application needs. Linux containers provide that in a nice package: a simple tool for developing, testing and delivering an application to the end user.

Containers are designed to make it easier and quicker for developers to create complete application operating environments. Gone is the painful validation process of traditional application deployments that require developers to identify the minimum system requirements needed to run the application. ..."

There are other important benefits. Linux containers package just about any type of server application to run everywhere – on your desktop, in a cloud, or anywhere Linux is available – regardless of kernel version or Linux distribution. Containers also can have a considerably smaller footprint than VMs, which means your systems can see higher densities and run more cost effectively with containers than with VMs on the same host. 

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Friday Apr 05, 2013

All for One, One for All: MySQL, Oracle Linux, Oracle VM Tech Tours

MySQL Tech Tours: From the Web to the Cloud

Are you looking to deploy MySQL-based applications with Oracle Linux and Oracle VM either on-premise or in the cloud?

Are you in Europe?

Join us to learn how you can reduce costs and improve business agility while achieving the highest levels of MySQL scalability, security and uptime and hear about benefits of using Oracle Linux and Oracle VM for your infrastructure. 

Register today: 

April 11, 2013, Reading, UK

April 17, 2013, München, Germany

April 18, 2013, Hannover, Germany

April 24, 2013, Baden (near Zürich), Switzerland

May 07, 2013, Rome, Italy

Thursday Sep 29, 2011

Hear about the latest Linux technology developments at OpenWorld!

We have a lot of exciting Linux-related sessions at Oracle OpenWorld next week. Did you know that most these are not held by marketing folks, but by engineers actually involved in developing these features?

Oracle employs quite a number of engineers that are actively working on making Linux the operating system of choice for high-end server systems. This is your chance to hear about the latest developments and features right from the "horse's mouth". In particular, you should attend the following sessions if you'd like to meet real Linux kernel hackers:

  • Overview: New Features in Oracle Linux 6 (Monday, 5:00pm, Moscone South Room 200) — in this talk, Chris Mason, Director of Linux Kernel Development and maintainer of the Btrfs file system will give an overview over a number of the latest enhancements and features of the Linux Kernel.
  • An Integrated End-to-End Data Integrity Solution (Wednesday, 10:15am, Moscone South, Room 236) — Martin K. Petersen works in Oracle's Linux Engineering group where he focuses on enterprise storage technologies and the Linux Data Integrity Framework in particular. If you care about your data and would like to learn more about how you can avoid silent data corruption, this talk is for you. Our partner EMC will also be part of this session to give you an insight into their data integrity implementation with Oracle.
  • Transcendent Memory: The RAM Forecast Is Partly Cloudy (Monday, 2:00pm, Marriott Marquis, Room Golden Gate C1) — This presentation is held by Dan Magenheimer, the author and maintainer of the transcendent memory patches which have recently been added to the Linux mainline kernel. Don't miss this talk if you'd like to learn more about the latest Linux features like zcache, cleancache and frontswap.
This is just a small sample - have a a great lineup of expert speakers on various other Linux topics. Check the Focus on Linux PDF for a detailed schedule!

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