Wednesday Sep 26, 2012

Oracle Linux Partner Pavilion Spotlight - Part II

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As we draw closer to the first day of Oracle OpenWorld, starting in less than a week, we continue to showcase some of our premier partners exhibiting in the Oracle Linux Partner Pavilion ( Booth #1033). We have Independent Hardware Vendors, Independent Software Vendors and Systems Integrators that show the breadth of support in the Oracle Linux and Oracle VM ecosystem. In today's post we highlight three additional Oracle Linux / Oracle VM Partners from the pavilion.

Micro Focus

Micro Focus delivers mainframe solutions software and software delivery tools with its Borland products. These tools are grouped under the following solutions:

  • Analysis and testing tools for JDeveloper
    • Micro Focus Enterprise Analyzer is key to the success of application overhaul and modernization strategies by ensuring that they are based on a solid knowledge foundation. It reveals the reality of enterprise application portfolios and the detailed constructs of business applications.
  • COBOL for Oracle Database, Oracle Linux, and Tuxedo
    • Micro Focus Visual COBOL delivers the next generation of COBOL development and deployment. Itbrings the productivity of the Eclipse IDE to COBOL, and provides the ability to deploy key business critical COBOL applications to Oracle Linux both natively and under a JVM.
  • Migration and Modernization tooling for mainframes
    • Enterprise application knowledge, development, test and workload re-hosting tools significantly improves the efficiency of business application delivery, enabling CIOs and IT leaders to modernize application portfolios and target platforms such as Oracle Linux.

LSI Logo

When it comes to Oracle Linux database environments, supporting high transaction rates with minimal response times is no longer just a goal. It’s a strategic imperative. The “data deluge” is impacting the ability of databases and other strategic applications to access data and provide real-time analytics and reporting. As such, customer demand for accelerated application performance is increasing.

Visit LSI at the Oracle Linux Pavilion, #733, to find out how LSI Nytro Application Acceleration products are designed from the ground up for database acceleration. Our intelligent solid-state storage solutions help to eliminate I/O bottlenecks, increase throughput and enable Oracle customers achieve the highest levels of DB performance.

Teleran Logo

Accelerate Your Exadata Success With Teleran.

Teleran’s software solutions for Oracle Exadata and Oracle Database reduce the cost, time and effort of migrating and consolidating applications on Exadata. In addition Teleran delivers visibility and control solutions for BI/data warehouse performance and user management that ensure service levels and cost efficiency.

Teleran will demonstrate these solutions at the Oracle Open World Linux Pavilion:

  • Consolidation Accelerator - Reduces the cost, time and risk ofof migrating and consolidation
  • applications on Exadata.
  • Application Readiness – Identifies legacy application performance enhancements needed to take
  • advantage of Exadata performance features
  • Workload Accelerator – Identifies and clusters workloads for faster performance on Exadata
  • Application Visibility and Control - Improves performance, user productivity, and alignment to
  • business objectives while reducing support and resource costs.

Oracle Linux Penguin Logo Thanks for reading today's Partner Spotlight. Three more partners will be highlighted tomorrow. If you missed our first Partner Spotlight check it out here.

Wednesday May 02, 2012

Accelerate your Linux Deployments with Oracle Validated Configurations

For those who are not familiar, Oracle Validated Configurations enable easier, faster, and lower-cost deployment of Oracle Linux and Oracle VM solutions in the enterprise. The program offers pre-tested, validated architectures, with documented best practices for software, hardware, storage, and network components. This integrated approach helps improve the performance, scalability, and reliability of solutions, with faster, lower-cost implementations. This industry-wide program is accepted and endorsed by partners as a way to document best practice deployments of their products in Oracle's Linux and virtualized environments.

Oracle Validated Configurations provide unique value to the customers as the integrated stack, including hardware and software, goes through rigorous testing to ensure that different pieces work together in the most effective way. This means customers do not have to do any additional testing in their own environments. Moreover, customers can get support for the individual pieces of the Oracle Validated Configurations in exactly same way as they get support for any other Oracle and partner products. Oracle and the participating ISV and IHV partners have joint support processes to address any customer issues that may come up with the Oracle Validated Configuration.

For reference, some of the recent Oracle Validated Configurations are listed below. For a complete list, please visit Published Validated Configurations.

Server Platform
Storage Model
Oracle Software
Linux Distribution
HP ProLiant DL385 G7
Huawei Symantec S6800T
Oracle Database 11g R2 (
Oracle Linux 5 Update 7
HP ProLiant DL385 G7
EMC Clariion CX4-240
Oracle Database 11g R2 (
Oracle Linux 5 Update 8
Sun Fire X6270 M3
Sun ZFS Storage Appliance 7420
Oracle Database 11g R2 (
Oracle Linux 5 Update 7
Sun Fire X4270 M3
Sun ZFS Storage Appliance 7420
Oracle Database 11g R2 (
Oracle Linux 5 Update 7
Sun Fire X4170 M3
Sun ZFS Storage Appliance 7420
Oracle Database 11g R2 (
Oracle Linux 5 Update 7
Dell PowerEdge R620
Dell Compellent SC040
Oracle Database 11g R2 (
Oracle Linux 5 Update 7

For more details about the Oracle Validated Configuration program, please visit the FAQ page.

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