Tuesday Jul 08, 2014

Learn about Btrfs, XFS, OCFS2 and More in Oracle Linux Training

Do you want to get hands on experience in creating and learning the benefits of the following file system?

  • The XFS file system - A high performance journaling file system that supports a maximum file system size of 100 TB and a maximum file size of 16 TB.
  • Btrfs - an open source general purpose file system that began in Oracle and is now contributed to by a number of major players. Btrfs provides extent-based file storage with a maximum size of 16 Exabytes.
  • OCFS2 - a general purpose, POSIX-compliant, shared disk cluster file system developed at Oracle. It allows multiple nodes to access the same disk at the same time. OCFS2 has two allocation units, blocks and clusters. OCFS2 supports block sizes ranging from 512 bytes to 4 KB and cluster sizes ranging from 4 KB and 1 MB. Cluster size is always greater than or equal to block size.

To learn more about these topics and many others, consider taking the Oracle Linux Advanced Administration course.

You can take this 5-day, instructor-led training course as a:

  • Live-Virtual Event: Take a class from your own desk, no travel required. Choose from a selection of events on the schedule to suit different timezones.
  • In-Class Event: Travel to an education center to take this class. Below is a selection of the in-class events already on the schedule:



 Delivery Language

 Melbourne, Australia

 25 August 2014


 Jakarta, Indonesia

 4 August 2014


 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

 6 October 2014


 Bangkok, Thailand

 20 October 2014


 Belmont, CA, United States

 18 August 2014


 Chicago, IL, United States

 8 September 2014


 Reston, VA, United States

 21 July 2014


To register for an event, request an additional event or learn more about the Oracle Linux Curriculum, go to http://oracle.com/education/linux.

Friday Apr 18, 2014

Friday Spotlight: How to Test OCFS2 in a Virtual Environment with Oracle VM VirtualBox

Happy Friday! Our spotlight this week is on a brand new technical article that steps you through how to setup an OCFS2 environment on your desktop using Oracle VM VirtualBox.

How to Test OCFS2 in a Virtual Environment with Oracle VM VirtualBox

See you next week!


Tuesday Feb 25, 2014

The February '14 Oracle Linux Newsletter is Out!

The February 2014 edition of the Oracle Linux Newsletter is now available! This issue has some fantastic stories on OCFS2, Ksplice, using Oracle Database with Oracle Linux, new customer success stories, and much more!

You can read the latest edition online right now, or subscribe to have future issues delivered straight to your inbox! 


Friday Feb 07, 2014

Friday Spotlight: OCFS2 Best Practices Guide

Happy Friday!

Our spotlight this week is on a brand new white paper, "OCFS2 Best Practices Guide". In this paper, Oracle's Robert Chase describes in detail how to get the most from OCFS2 in Oracle Linux.

Read OCFS2 Best Practices Guide.

We'll see you next week!


Monday May 13, 2013

Learn About Advanced Oracle Linux Features

Just Released: The Oracle Linux Advanced System Administration training is ideal for administrators. In this 3-day course, you'll learn about managing resources and file systems, while developing troubleshooting and advanced storage administration skills.

Learn To:

  • Address today's large storage requirements.
  • Manage resources to deliver consistent response times and performance.
  • Allocate system resources to specific Linux processes.
  • Recover from boot errors.
  • Identify and resolve performance issues in your systems.
  • Use DTrace, which provides a comprehensive look into the software stack and enables you to identify performance bottlenecks.
  • Experience the Oracle Cluster File System, which provides a high performance and high availability file system when you must have a redundant environment.
  • Understand a variety of tools and techniques to diagnose performance problems on Oracle Linux systems.
  • Use new technologies, including Linux Containers.

You can take this live, instructor-led course as a:

  • Live-virtual event: No travel required. Participate in this event from your own desk.
  • In-class: Travel to an education center to take this class.

This course has just gone live so it is a perfect time to register your interest in events you want to see on the schedule by going to http://oracle.com/education/linux.

Monday May 14, 2012

ORACLE at LinuxTag, May 23-26

LinuxTag LogoOracle will be at LinuxTag 2012 in Berlin Germany 23-26 May, 2012, will you?

LinuxTag has been held regularly for 15 years, longer than any other Linux fair in Europe. More than 200 free software projects and companies participate, more than in any other European Linux event. LinuxTag attracts nearly 12,000 visitors — an unrivalled record. Since its beginnings in 1995, visitors and exhibitors have valued the credibility and expertise behind LinuxTag.

During four days visitors of the fair and the congress can experience the open-source-trends. Collaboration and interesting business models are focused on under the slogan “Open minds create effective solutions”.

We will be there as a Bronze Sponsor, with several technical presentations as well as a booth. Come and visit us in Hall 7.2B, booth #253 to meet and discuss topics like Linux, Solaris, MySQL, Virtualization and Java with Oracle technical experts and to get a free Oracle Linux DVD. You also have a chance to win an Amazon Kindle Touch by entering our raffle at the booth!

Here are the sessions that Oracle speakers will be presenting:

JDK 7 Updates in OpenJDK
Speaker: Dalibor Topic (Oracle)
Wednesday, 23.05.2012, Europa II, 10:45-11:30

In this talk you'll learn how the JDK 7 Updates Project in OpenJDK works, and how to work within it, how to track changes, get your fixes in, and follow along as for example the Mac OS X Port gets integrated into future JDK 7 update releases.

OCFS2: Status and Overview
Speaker: Lenz Grimmer (Oracle)
Thursday, 24.05.2012, London, 10:00-10:45

Attendees will learn about the features and improvements that set OCFS2 apart from other Linux-based cluster file systems, including: Heartbeat implementation: global vs. local heartbeats - Storage optimizations: Extent-based Allocations, Hole punching, Reflinks

Btrfs: Status and Overview
Speaker: Lenz Grimmer (Oracle)
Thursday, 24.05.2012, London (TBD) 

This talk will give a technical overview over the Btrfs file system, its main features and recent developments. Attendees will get an impression of the features and capabilities and what sets Btrfs apart from existing Linux file systems.

Register today!

Tuesday Jul 12, 2011

First episode of the Oracle Linux Podcast: Sunil Mushran on OCFS2

We've just published the first episode of the new Oracle Linux Podcast, in which we are going to cover topics around Linux in general and Oracle Linux in particular.

In this recording, I've interviewed Sunil Mushran from our Engineering team to give us an update and overview about OCFS2, Oracle's shared-disk clustering file system for Linux. We're talking about its features and use cases as well as the development process, the collaboration with the Linux Kernel community and upcoming developments. You can subscribe to our podcast RSS feed here.

A dedicated web page about the podcast is under development, too, and we've a few more interesting interviews in the pipeline.  Enjoy!


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