Thursday Mar 21, 2013

New blog: Oracle Mainline Linux Kernel Development

The Oracle mainline Linux kernel team lead by James Morris works as part of the Linux kernel community to develop new features and maintain existing code. It is globally distributed and includes leading core kernel developers and industry veterans.

They now have their own blog, to share some insights about recent Linux developments with you. Quoting from James' introduction:

In this blog I'll be discussing new and interesting happenings with the team. There'll be some technical deep dives and contributed posts from team members. The primary audiences are technical Oracle Linux users and the wider Linux community.

They just posted their first IETF 86 NFSv4 Working Group meeting report by Chuck Lever - if you'd like to learn more about the latest developments around NFS, this one is a good read!

Thursday Sep 29, 2011

Hear about the latest Linux technology developments at OpenWorld!

We have a lot of exciting Linux-related sessions at Oracle OpenWorld next week. Did you know that most these are not held by marketing folks, but by engineers actually involved in developing these features?

Oracle employs quite a number of engineers that are actively working on making Linux the operating system of choice for high-end server systems. This is your chance to hear about the latest developments and features right from the "horse's mouth". In particular, you should attend the following sessions if you'd like to meet real Linux kernel hackers:

  • Overview: New Features in Oracle Linux 6 (Monday, 5:00pm, Moscone South Room 200) — in this talk, Chris Mason, Director of Linux Kernel Development and maintainer of the Btrfs file system will give an overview over a number of the latest enhancements and features of the Linux Kernel.
  • An Integrated End-to-End Data Integrity Solution (Wednesday, 10:15am, Moscone South, Room 236) — Martin K. Petersen works in Oracle's Linux Engineering group where he focuses on enterprise storage technologies and the Linux Data Integrity Framework in particular. If you care about your data and would like to learn more about how you can avoid silent data corruption, this talk is for you. Our partner EMC will also be part of this session to give you an insight into their data integrity implementation with Oracle.
  • Transcendent Memory: The RAM Forecast Is Partly Cloudy (Monday, 2:00pm, Marriott Marquis, Room Golden Gate C1) — This presentation is held by Dan Magenheimer, the author and maintainer of the transcendent memory patches which have recently been added to the Linux mainline kernel. Don't miss this talk if you'd like to learn more about the latest Linux features like zcache, cleancache and frontswap.
This is just a small sample - have a a great lineup of expert speakers on various other Linux topics. Check the Focus on Linux PDF for a detailed schedule!

Monday Jul 25, 2011

New episode of the Oracle Linux Podcast: Chris Mason on Btrfs

In this second episode of the Oracle Linux Podcast, we talk with Chris Mason, Director of Software Development at Oracle. Chris is the principal author and coordinator of the Btrfs file system and we're discussing the file system's general features, the latest developments and how the development process of Btrfs is performed in collaboration with other contributors from the Linux kernel community. Don't miss this episode if you'd want to learn more about this exciting new Linux file system!

You can listen to the interview directly from here, or subscribe to our podcast feed via this link. Enjoy!

Tuesday Jul 12, 2011

First episode of the Oracle Linux Podcast: Sunil Mushran on OCFS2

We've just published the first episode of the new Oracle Linux Podcast, in which we are going to cover topics around Linux in general and Oracle Linux in particular.

In this recording, I've interviewed Sunil Mushran from our Engineering team to give us an update and overview about OCFS2, Oracle's shared-disk clustering file system for Linux. We're talking about its features and use cases as well as the development process, the collaboration with the Linux Kernel community and upcoming developments. You can subscribe to our podcast RSS feed here.

A dedicated web page about the podcast is under development, too, and we've a few more interesting interviews in the pipeline.  Enjoy!

Monday Apr 18, 2011

Linux Filesystem, Storage and Memory Summit

Chris Mason, Chuck Lever, Martin Petersen and Dan Magenheimer from the Oracle Linux engineering team attended the Linux Filesystem, Storage, and Memory Management Summit in San Francisco earlier this month.

Oracle is actively involved in several of the projects under discussion there and they participated in discussions involving the most pressing challenges facing Linux-based storage today. Topics ranged from getting Linux developers more involved in the hard drive industry to handling low-end flash cards to moving implementations of distributed and cluster file systems forward on Linux.

For a more detailed report on the summit, see the excellent coverage on LWN:

For more details on Oracle's involvement in Linux and Open Source, see and for a list of related projects and activities.



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