The Value of Oracle Linux Support: A one-stop shop for your business-critical infrastructure

December 11, 2023 | 2 minute read
Gursewak Sokhi
Technical Product Manager - Oracle Linux & Virtualization
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Linux systems are the heart of application servers and cloud environments, paramount to many enterprises' day-to-day business operations. Finding the optimal support solution for this key piece of infrastructure is critical. Settling for a Linux vendor's support that incurs licensing fees or potential contractual lock-in is not a prudent choice, and depending solely on self-support can leave companies exposed to risks and lead to both tangible and intangible costs. Clearly, self-support is not free. That said, not every system requires the same level of support.

With Oracle Linux Support, customers have the flexibility to decide which of their systems merit self-support, and which should be covered by a support subscription and at what level. It offers access to worldwide, 24x7 enterprise-grade support for Linux, KVM, Kubernetes, automation, containers, and more for on-premises, cloud-based, and virtual environments. Picture this: An automated online Linux patching service helping proactively address security compliance requirements, subject-matter experts quickly attending to your concerns of building next-generation cloud infrastructure, and multivendor issues promptly being resolved. This is just a glimpse into the benefits Oracle Linux Support can bring to your business. 

With Oracle as your Linux support provider, you can have a single, dedicated point of contact, abundant choice and flexibility, and a cost-effective solution, all without lock-in. Explore the value of Oracle Linux Support in-depth and see how it can help you fortify your business.



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Gursewak Sokhi

Technical Product Manager - Oracle Linux & Virtualization

Gursewak Sokhi is a Technical Product Manager for Oracle Linux and Virtualization. He holds a Computer Engineering B.S. with a concentration in Systems Programming, and a Mathematics and Economics B.A. from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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