Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Is This Open Source?

July 14, 2023 | 1 minute read
Jim Wright
Chief Architect, Open Source Policy, Strategy, Compliance & Alliances
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I’m honored to have been asked to speak on a keynote panel at the Software Freedom Conservancy’s first annual FOSSY conference today, on the subject of IBM’s recent changes to Red Hat Enterprise Linux as discussed in our announcement on Monday, and I’m posting my slides here as background for this discussion. The overwhelmingly positive community response to Oracle’s announcement has been heartwarming and makes me proud to help Keep Linux Open and Free.

Slides available here.

Jim Wright

Chief Architect, Open Source Policy, Strategy, Compliance & Alliances

James (Jim) Wright is Oracle’s Chief Architect, Open Source Policy, Strategy, Compliance, and Alliances.  Jim is a well known software architect and attorney who has been working in and around open source for over 20 years.  He is the author of the Universal Permissive License, and currently sits on the Board of Directors of both the Linux Foundation and the Eclipse Foundation.

Prior to his time at Oracle, Jim was in private practice at Sidley Austin, where he handled a wide variety of technology transactional matters as well as patent litigation. Jim is a graduate of Harvard Law School, and in the decade before starting legal practice he worked in engineering and management capacities at a variety of different IT enterprises. When not at work, Jim enjoys traveling with his family and his service dog, Arrow, building and riding his collection of wheeled contraptions, and making, tasting, and talking about espresso.

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