Oracle Enterprise Manager for Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager: Cloud environment monitoring made easy with short training videos

April 27, 2021 | 1 minute read
Craig McBride
Senior Manager, User Assistance Development
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Training Tuesday Edition - 20

In this week’s Training Tuesday blog, we present a set of free, short training videos that demonstrate the Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager monitoring features introduced in Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.4.

In this set of videos, you learn how to:

  • Register Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager as an infrastructure cloud in Oracle Enterprise Manager.
  • Monitor server, cluster, data center, virtualization manager, and host configurations.
  • Monitor guest virtual machines, CPU utilization, available memory, and memory utilization.
  • Create a custom metric extension to monitor critical services.
  • Create an incident rule to report on a service failure detected by a custom metric extension.

Here’s the list of videos and the time it takes for you to complete each one:

In next week's Training Tuesday blog, we will introduce a set of videos on Oracle Private Cloud at Customer.


Craig McBride

Senior Manager, User Assistance Development

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