More Peer Reviews - Learn What Customers Say About Oracle Linux on TrustRadius

April 8, 2021 | 2 minute read
Melody Wood
Senior Principal Program Manager
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As we discussed in a previous blog about peer review platforms, these mediums are becoming increasingly important to buyers when making IT purchasing decisions. This blog will cover the reviews customers have been giving Oracle Linux on TrustRadius.

TrustRadius is a trusted review site for business technology. Optimized for content quality and data integrity, it helps buyers make better product decisions based on unbiased and insightful reviews. TrustRadius also help vendors harness and scale the authentic voice of its customers. Oracle Linux is one of the many products a customer can evaluate on TrustRadius.

Based on these reviews, it is clear that customers are very pleased with their Oracle Linux experience.  Some examples are below.

  • One reviewer described it as “A Robust Operating System.” They go on to share: “For any application which is crucial, Oracle Linux is recommended. (...) Very dependable.”
  • Echoing the above sentiments, another said: Solid stable Linux distribution!” and explained: “Definitely suitable for enterprise and for open cloud infrastructure. Use it if you want something which is easy to download and deploy."
  • Also praising the OS's reliability, another customer explained: “Oracle Linux is the OS that our monitoring platform lives on. The stability that it provides makes it a great choice for any production environment. The ability to provide a scalable, secure, supported environment has been welcomed by many.”
  • A fourth reviewer shared: “We started to move all Linux distros (Ubuntu, CentOS) and some Windows services to Oracle Linux, because of the need of an Oracle supported and advanced, secure, and scalable Linux. (…) We plan to move to the cloud and to Autonomous Linux in the next year."

Are you using Oracle Linux? If so, please add your voice to the conversation and submit a review!


Melody Wood

Senior Principal Program Manager

Principal Program Manager, Oracle Linux and VM Development

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