Don’t miss the semi-annual State of the Penguin address

February 23, 2022 | 2 minute read
Peter Laudenslager
Director of Product Marketing
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As a member of the Linux community, Oracle invites you to the semi-annual State of the Penguin address. Learn what’s new and what’s coming for Oracle Linux as well hear details about our kernel development model. Two of the most senior development leaders for Oracle Linux, Sergio Leunissen and Greg Marsden, both members of Wim Coekaerts’ team, will provide updates and discuss Linux development.  The State of the Penguin will include:

  • A deep dive on the work done as part of the Linux kernel development community
  • The Oracle Linux kernel development model and philosophy
  • Visibility into the roadmap for Oracle Linux

Register now to attend the March 9 event!     

Sergio Leunissen

Vice President

Linux and Virtualization Development


Greg Marsden

Vice President

Linux Kernel Development


Peter Laudenslager

Director of Product Marketing

Product marketing director for Oracle Linux and Virtualization, with over 15 years in technical, strategic, and communication roles for some of the best-known enterprise IT products.

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