Linux on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Networking your cloud made easy with short training videos

March 30, 2021 | 2 minute read
Craig McBride
Senior Manager, User Assistance Development
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Training Tuesday Edition - 17

In this week’s Training Tuesday blog, we present a set of free, short videos on networking topics related to your Linux cloud instances. These videos demonstrate how to build and administer virtual networks and gateways in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and how to manage your Linux cloud instance network interfaces.

In this set of videos, you learn key concepts and terms used in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Key aspects of Virtual Cloud Networks (VCN), Subnets, Security Lists, Ingress and Egress Rules, and Route Tables are covered. You can also learn how to:

  • Create and terminate VCNs and their associated network resources.
  • Provide Internet access to a Linux cloud instance via an Internet Gateway and complementary rules in the VCN route table.
  • Create and configure a secondary virtual network interface card (VNIC) for a Linux cloud instance.
  • Use the Oracle Cloud network interface management utility to automatically configure a secondary VNIC.

Here’s the list of videos and the time it takes for you to complete each one:

Be sure to come back for our next edition, which will cover Storage configuration in your Cloud. New videos are added on an ongoing basis so check back often.


Craig McBride

Senior Manager, User Assistance Development

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