Learn to deploy Oracle OS Management Hub with the video training series

November 8, 2023 | 3 minute read
Nicolas Pares
Principal User Assistance Developer
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Manage Oracle Linux operating system (OS) updates

Ready to manage OS updates for Linux environments from one web console? Oracle OS Management Hub is the next-generation management solution. OS Management Hub simplifies the management and monitoring of updates and patches for Oracle Linux systems through a single management console on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Watch the Oracle OS Management Hub Service: Overview video for a high-level explanation.

Oracle OS Management Hub: Overview

Before managing OS updates for Oracle Linux systems, an initial setup of the OS Management Hub service is required. The Deploying OS Management Hub training track guides users through selecting software sources, onboarding Linux systems into OS Management Hub, and provides explanations for all the necessary processes and service resources. These videos also provide timely links to Oracle documentation so viewers can watch the setup steps and then read through the related documentation to build a comprehensive understanding.

Access Oracle OS Management Hub training



The Oracle OS Management Hub Training Track page provides embedded videos that can be viewed on the page or viewed in YouTube. Additionally, the track provides complimentary subsections that group these how-to videos based on user tasks or goals.

Get started with Deploying OS Management Hub and then learn how manage OS updates and administer services with Administering Instances in OS Management Hub. The page menu can help to quickly navigate to these subsections of the learning track or find a specific topic and video.




Learn to deploy Oracle OS Management Hub

The Deploying Oracle OS Management Hub training contains how-to videos that guide users through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure preparation, management station registration, group creation, and lifecycle environment creation. The sequence of videos with links and their objectives that guide users through the general setup of OS Management Hub are:

  1. Preparing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for OS Management Hub
  2. Selecting Software Sources for Oracle OS Management Hub
  3. Creating and Registering a Management Station in OS Management Hub
  4. Creating and Managing Profiles in Oracle OS Management Hub
  5. Registering instances with Oracle OS Management Hub
  6. Creating Groups in Oracle OS Management Hub
  7. Creating Lifecycle Environments in Oracle OS Management Hub 


On-demand training and documentation

If you have access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle OS Management Hub, these trainings are readily available and linked in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure web console. Navigate to the OS Management Hub Overview page and look for the resources section for links to the training track and the Getting Started documentation. An excellent approach to OS Management Hub implementation is to view the training videos and follow along with Oracle documentation.

Get started now!

Are you ready to begin using the next-generation management solution for systems running Oracle Linux? Get a head start and become proficient in deploying OS Management Hub with the Oracle OS Management Hub training track.

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Nicolas Pares

Principal User Assistance Developer

Nicolas Parés is a principal user assistance developer creating training materials for Oracle Linux and virtualization products. His passion for creating accessible and intuitive training materials offer useful insights on the latest technologies.