Hands-On Training with Luna Labs

April 18, 2023 | 1 minute read
Craig McBride
Senior Manager, User Assistance Development
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Luna is a web-based learning platform that provides free interactive labs for Oracle customers. Luna provides the user with a configured Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) environment and step-by-step instructions enabling the user to have an efficient hands-on learning experience. You do not need to provide or configure the environment, so you can focus on learning. Access to Luna does require an Oracle Single Sign-On (SSO) account.

The Oracle Linux Training Station provides Luna labs for the following tracks:

  • Oracle Linux
  • Linux on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Oracle Linux Automation Manager
  • Oracle Cloud Native Environment
  • OS Management Service
  • Oracle VM VirtualBox

You can access these Luna labs from any of the following sites:

Watch this 12-minute video to get started with Luna hands-on labs:


Craig McBride

Senior Manager, User Assistance Development

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