Free Updates and Errata for Oracle Linux

March 22, 2012 | 1 minute read
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Oracle Linux installation media as well as binary and source RPMs for current Oracle Linux versions and update levels have been freely available for download, use and distribution ever since we started the Oracle Linux support program.

We're taking this a step further: in addition to the above, we now also provide updated packages or errata for free from separate yum repositories on the Oracle Linux yum server. If you would like to keep your Oracle Linux system up to date, you can now do so by subscribing your system to the respective "_latest" repository for your distribution, e.g. "ol8_latest" for Oracle Linux 8 or "ol7_latest" for Oracle Linux 7. See the installation instructions on the Oracle Linux yum server getting started page.

Wim also published a blog post with his take on the announcement.

Sergio Leunissen

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