Economic Value of Linux - Customer Case Studies

June 26, 2020 | 1 minute read
Zeynep Koch
Global Director of Marketing, Linux and Virtualization
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Linux is a foundational operating system for enterprise IT organizations. In fact, according to the Linux Foundation, Linux is the primary platform for cloud and is experiencing continual growth. But are all Linux distributions the same?


In this white paper, the analyst company, Evaluator Group reviews Oracle Linux, taking a close look at what differentiates it based on input from users that have moved their environments from Red Hat Enterprise Linux to Oracle Linux.

In-depth interviews were conducted with customers from healthcare, financial services, consumer and enterprise software, and insurance companies. The findings show the economic impact of Linux- specifically Oracle Linux in their environment, including:

  • Increased application performance 
  • More stable operating environment–resulting in fewer outages
  • Reduction in annual OS support costs by 20% to 50% 
  • Increased automation leading to faster deployment of new IT resources 
  • Reductions in IT management time

Read the white paper  from Evaluator Group

Zeynep Koch

Global Director of Marketing, Linux and Virtualization

Zeynep Koch is Sr.Global Marketing Director responsible for Oracle’s Linux, Virtualization and OpenStack products. She manages team responsible for managing product and brand marketing activities as well as field marketing activities globally. She has gained her credentials in major corporations across the globe in North America, EMEA, APAC and Australia/New Zealand. She is interested in implementing latest technologies to sales and marketing.

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