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Oracle Linux container images now available on GitHub Container Registry

Avi Miller
Senior Solutions Architect

Oracle is pleased to announce the availability of Oracle Linux container images on GitHub Container Registry as part of our ongoing commitment to cultivating, supporting, and promoting popular open source technologies that customers can confidently deploy in business-critical environments.

GitHub has quickly become one of the world's leading software development platforms and is now Oracle's preferred repository for open source software. Oracle has made many open source projects available on GitHub to make it easy for developers to access the source for Oracle-contributed software. We also use GitHub repositories to work with engineers and developers at partner companies and in the open source community.

We've been publishing the official Oracle Linux container images to the GitHub Container Registry since its public beta launch in September 2020. When GitHub added multi-arch support later in September, 2020, we started publishing both the amd64 and arm64v8 variants of our official images.

Using the GitHub Container Registry

There are two ways to use the Oracle Linux images published GitHub Container Registry. You can either pull the image or use it as the base image in a Dockerfile.

For example, if you want to pull the oraclelinux:7-slim image from GitHub Container Registry, you can run:

# docker pull ghcr.io/oracle/oraclelinux:7-slim


$ podman pull ghcr.io/oracle/oraclelinux:7-slim

This will automatically pull the correct variant for your architecture type. Alternatively, you can reference the image directly from within a Dockerfile, e.g.

FROM ghcr.io/oracle/oraclelinux:7-slim

Finding the Oracle Linux container images on GitHub

As part of our ongoing effort to provide as much content as possible to developers working with of Oracle Linux, we've been publishing the Oracle Linux official container image tarballs on GitHub since December 2014 with a complete change log to ensure developers are aware of any changes that may affect a downstream image. These tarballs are built by Oracle and are used to build the official images on Docker Hub, Oracle Container Registry and GitHub Container Registry.

Customer Support

Customers running Oracle Linux in production can benefit from Oracle support. Oracle offers Basic and premier support for Oracle Linux. Support subscription customers can get easy access to support via the My Oracle Support portal. Support for Oracle Linux container images is included with both Oracle Linux Basic and Premier support subscriptions.

Community Support

For Oracle Linux users without an Oracle Linux support subscription, the following resources are available:


In addition to the links in this article, please visit Oracle.com/Linux for more information or to chat with an Oracle Linux representative.