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Btrfs send/receive helps to move and backup your data

In this update, we share Btrfs functionality that helps make moving data between Btrfs volumes faster and more efficient. It's not new feature but it's an underutilized feature which showcases the unique capabilities of Btrfs as the native Linux copy-on-write filesystem. Btrfs send is introduced in Linux v3.5 and the amazing part is that it offers the ability of incremental update. Here I'll go through the command as a user and try to understand it as a btrfs developer. A user...

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An Update on Retpoline-enabled Kernels for Oracle Linux

In January, researchers disclosed flaws in speculative execution known as Meltdown and Spectre. Oracle published official guidance in this support note: Responding to the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities (CVE-2017-5715, CVE-2017-5753, and CVE-2017-5754) in Oracle Linux and Oracle VM on Oracle X86 Servers (Doc ID 2370398.1) At that time, we shipped mitigations for these security issues which depended on special Intel microcode. We're excited to announce that our latest...

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Tips and Tricks for IPsec on Intel 10 Gbe NICs

Shannon Nelson is a Linux kernel driver expert and kernel developer who has been looking at accelerating IPsec performance. In this blog blog post, he shows how to reduce the overhead of running with IPsec enabled.  IPsec has been gaining in popularity, but is quite a hit against network throughput, making multi-Gigabit network connections slow to Megabit speeds.  With support for IPsec hardware offload recently added to the Linux kernel's network stack, Oracle has added IPsec...

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Development Versions of Oracle Linux UEK now available on GitHub

The source for UEK has always been available at oss.oracle.com, as a git repository with full git history. Starting now, we'll also be posting the UEK source on github.com/oracle/linux-uek. By doing so, we intend  to increase the visibility for our work and to make it even easier for people to access the source for UEK. We will also use this repository for working with developers at partner companies and in the Linux community. The repository contains the source for the Unbreakable...

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Tracing Linux Networking with DTrace on Oracle Linux

In this post from Alan Maguire, he shows how to use DTrace to inspect common network-related system calls. DTrace is a powerful tracing tool for understanding user and kernel processes. We've been steadily adding DTrace support for networking in Oracle Linux. Let's see how we can use these probes to better understand network behaviour. Let's do a quick tour to see what sort of support is available for dynamic tracing the network stack. Before diving into the details though,...

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btrfs Development: Year in Review

This update on btrfs development comes from Liu Bo, an Oracle Linux Kernel developer and key upstream btrfs contributor. The btrfs community continues to thrive. In 2017, btrfs had key developers from Fujitsu, Facebook, Oracle and SuSE, as well as contributions from several NAS companies. The primary use cases for btrfs fall into two categories: single disk btrfs for '/' and '/home' and multiple disk btrfs for NAS-type workloads. Over the past year, stabilizing btrfs has been...

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