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Learn about Docker on the Linux Learning Subscription

With the addition of a new Docker learning path on the Linux Learning Subscription, you have 3 hours of expert learning through the following titles: Introduction to Oracle Container Runtime for Docker Using Docker Registries - Docker Hub, Docker Store, Oracle Container Registry Working with Docker Containers and Images Docker Networking This is one of many learning opportunities on the Linux Learning Subscription which brings you 180 hours of learning - a comprehensive Linux...

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Latest Oracle Linux 7.5 and 6.10 Vagrant Boxes Now Available

We've just updated our Oracle Linux Vagrant boxes for Oracle VM VirtualBox to Oracle Linux 7.5 with Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel release 5 and Oracle Linux 6.10. These Vagrant boxes include: A recent kernel Oracle Linux 7: UEK5 (4.14.35-1818.0.9.el7uek.x86_64) Oracle Linux 6: UEK4 (4.1.12-124.16.4.el6uek.x86_64) VirtualBox guest additions RPMs installed Minimal package set installed 32 GiB root volume 4 GiB swap XFS root filesystem Extra 16GiB VirtualBox disk image attached,...

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Learn Why and How to Use Ksplice

Oracle Ksplice is one of the top reasons why customers adopt Oracle Linux because it enables you to do kernel updates on a running system without any need for system reboot or application reboot. Watch watch this short video for a sample of what you can learn about Ksplice in the Linux Learning Subscription. And Ksplice is just one of the many topics you can learn about on the Linux Learning Subscription which provides you over 175 hours of Linux training through over 350...

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New Training Topics for Oracle Linux on Cloud

A small subset of Oracle Linux administration tasks are specific to cloud. This includes tools and appliances we have provided to make your life easier. We guide you through these cloud tasks in the Use Oracle Linux on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure course, which is part of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Services learning subscription. This course is made up of short, easy-to-consume videos that lead you through tasks around deployment, security, networking and storage. New...

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New Unix & Linux Training Now Available

If you are looking to start your learning journey on operating systems, then the Unix & Linux Essentials course is perfect for you. Taking this course will help you develop basic Unix and Linux skills, enabling you to interact comfortably with an operating system. This already popular course has just got better because we have increased the learning value for those interested in Linux. In the Unix & Linux Essentials course, you will learn to: Manage files and directories from...

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Oracle Linux no Oracle OpenWorld Brasil / Oracle Linux at Oracle OpenWorld Brazil

Oracle Linux no Oracle OpenWorld Brasil Nos dias 20 e 21 de junho será realizado o Oracle Open World Brasil, no Parque Ibirapuera, em São Paulo. Com o tema Crie Seu Amanhã, Hoje,o evento terá um formato aberto para o público e com foco na colaboração e interação entre os participantes – executivos, especialistas, desenvolvedores, clientes e parceiros Oracle, para discutirem as novidades e ideias que vão impactar a sociedade e as empresas de todos os tamanhos. A equipe Oracle Lin...

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