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Learn About Communication Between Microservices with Istio

Get started today developing your Istio service mesh expertise by learning more about implementing Istio in a Kubernetes cluster.

Istio is an open source independent service mesh that provides the fundamentals you need to successfully run a distributed microservice architecture. Istio provides a uniform way to integrate microservices and includes service discovery, load balancing, security, recovery, telemetry, and policy enforcement capabilities.

An Istio service mesh is logically split into a data plane and a control plane. The data plane is composed of a set of intelligent proxies (Envoy) deployed as sidecars. This sidecar design means that communication proxies run in their own containers beside every service container. These proxies mediate and control all network communication between microservices and helps ensure that communication is reliable and secure.

The control plane consists of Pilot, Mixer, Citadel, and Gallery. Pilot enables service discovery by the proxies, provides input for proxy load balancing pools, and provides routing rules to proxies. Mixer collects telemetry from Envoy sidecars and provides policy checking. Citadel is responsible for certification issuance and rotation. Galley validates and distributes configuration information within Istio.

Leverage these videos to follow technical presentations and demonstrations on how to build your Oracle Container Services for Kubernetes cluster, and how to install Istio and deploy an application with automatic proxy sidecar injection enabled.

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