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Get Trained on the Most Modern and Reliable Linux - Oracle Linux

Oracle Linux brings you the latest innovations and is the best performing, most modern Linux operating system. So why not develop your system administration skills with Oracle Linux training.You can take the training from your own desk through live-virtual events or during in-class events for which some scheduled classes are listed below.

Oracle Linux System Administration

In this 5-day live instructor-led course you will learn how to:

  • Configure systems to use UEK and enable kernel features
  • Keep systems up-to-date using the Unbreakable Linux Network 
  • Apply kernel updates on a running system with Ksplice 
  • Prepare Oracle Linux systems to run the Oracle Database
  • And much more ... 
 Location  Date  Delivery Language
 Melbourne, Australia  19 May 2014  English
 Perth, Australia  10 February 2014  English
 Sydney, Australia  12 May 2014  English
 Mississauga, Canada  24 February 2014  English
 Ottawa, Canada  28 April 2014  English
 London, England  24 February 2014  English
 Manchester, England  27 January 2014  English
 Reading, England  12 May 2014  English
 Bordeaux, France  10 February 2014  French
 Athens, Greece  10 February 2014  English
 Jakarta, Indonesia  10 March 2014  English
 Milan, Italy  31 March 2014  Italian
 Rome, Italy  10 February 2014  Italian
 Seoul, Korea  3 March 2014  Koren
 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  21 April 2014  English
 Petaling Maya, Malaysia  21 April 2014  English
 Makati, Philipinnes  24 February 2014  English
 Warsaw, Poland  9 June 2014  Polish
 Lagos, Nigeria  2 June 2014  English
 Bucharest, Romania  14 April 2014  Romanian
 Ljubljana, Slovenia  2 June 2014  Slovenian
 Johannesburg, South Africa  17 February 2014  English
 Bangkok, Thailand  24 February 2014  English
 Tunis, Tunisia  31 March 2014  French
 Istanbul, Turkey  17 February 2014  Turkish
 Belmont, CA, United States  10 February 2014  English
 Irvine, CA, United States  12 May 2014  English
 Chicago, IL, United States  14 April 2014  English
 Roseville, MN, United States  10 Feb 2014  English
 Edison, NJ, United States  10 March 2014  English
 Columbus, OH, United States  14 April 2014  English
 Caracas, Venezuela  10 March 2014  Spanish
When you have taken this course and acquired hands on experience with Oracle Linux, consider proving your skills by taking the new Oracle Linux 5 and 6 System Administrator certification exam.

Oracle Linux Advanced System Administration

In this 3-day live instructor-led course you will learn to use:

  • Btrfs to improve file system performance
  • DTrace, which provides a comprehensive look into the software stack and enables you to identify performance bottlenecks
  • The Oracle Cluster File System which provides a high performance and high availability file system when you need a redundant environment
  • New technologies such as Linux Containers
  • And much more ...
 Location  Date  Delivery Language
 Melbourne, Australia  12 March 2014  English
 Sydney, Australia  13 August 2014  English
 Jakarta, Indonesia  13 May 2014  English
 Seoul, Korea  17 February 2014  Korean
 Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia  9 June 2014  English
 Lagos, Nigeria  26 May 2014  English
 Taipei, Taiwan  22 January 2014  Traditional Chinese
 Istanbul, Turkey  17 March 2014  Turkish
 Roseville, MN, United States  17 February 2014  English
 Edison, NJ, United States  28 May 2014  English
 Irving, TX, United States  16 April 2014  English
 Reston, VA, United States  17 Feb 2014  English
 Caracas, VE, United States  24 February 2014  English

To register for an event, request an additional event or to learn more about the Oracle Linux curriculum, go to http://oracle.com/education/linux.

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