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Easier access to open source images on Oracle Container Registry

Avi Miller
Senior Solutions Architect

We recently updated Oracle Container Registry so that images which contain only open source software no longer requires Oracle Single Sign-on authentication to the web interface, nor does it require the Docker client to login prior to issuing a pull request. The change was made to simplify the installation workflow for open source components hosted on the registry and allow those components to be more easily accessible by a continuous integration platform.

Downloading open source images

To determine whether an image is available without authentication, navigate to the Oracle Container Registry and navigate to the product category that contains the repository you're interested in. If the repository table status that the image "... is licensed under one or more open source licenses..." then that image can be pulled from Oracle Container Registry without any manual intervention or login required. See below for an example.

A table showing two available repositories in the OS product category. Both repositories are available under an open source license.

If you click the name of a repository, a table of available tags with their associated pull command is displayed on the image detail page. For example, the oraclelinux repository in the OS product category has around 15 tags available when this blog was published. The Tags table also provides a list of download mirrors across the world that can be used. For best performance, select the download mirror closest to you.

A table listing the available tags for the oraclelinux repository as well as the docker pull command required for each tag.

To pull an open source image, you simply issue the docker pull command as documented. No need to login beforehand. For example, to pull the latest Oracle Linux 7 slim image from our Sydney download mirror, simply run:

# docker pull container-registry-sydney.oracle.com/os/oraclelinux:7-slim 7-slim: Pulling from os/oraclelinux Digest: sha256:c2d507206f62119db3a07014b445dd87f85b0d6f204753229bf9b72f82ac9385 Status: Downloaded newer image for container-registry-sydney.oracle.com/os/oraclelinux:7-slim container-registry-sydney.oracle.com/os/oraclelinux:7-slim

Obtaining images that contain licensed Oracle product binaries

For details on the process required to download images that contain licensed Oracle product binaries, please review the Using the Oracle Container Registry chapter of the Oracle Container Runtime for Docker manual.