Wednesday May 14, 2014

ULN Integration for Spacewalk

We've just updated the Oracle version of Spacewalk on to include a ULN plug-in for the spacewalk-repo-sync tool. The plug-in enables you to synchronize ULN content directly into Spacewalk channels without registering the Spacewalk server with ULN, but an active ULN account is still required. This allows you to register your Spacewalk server to Spacewalk itself while still receiving updates from ULN.

The ULN plug-in was not included with the initial release of Spacewalk from Oracle. Depending on the configuration of your Spacewalk server, you might need to update the Spacewalk packages, specifically the spacewalk-config and spacewalk-backend-* packages.

To configure the ULN plug-in, edit the /etc/rhn/spacewalk-repo-sync/uln.conf file and add login credentials for ULN. By default, this file is read-only by root.

username = <ULN SSO username> 
password = <ULN SSO password>

After you edit the configuration file, change the file permissions on the file to make it read-only (0400) by root or the user that will run the spacewalk-repo-sync tool. This is an important security step to protect the ULN credentials. By default, this script is run as the root user by the Spacewalk scheduling engine, but if you chose to run the script interactively via the command-line, you will need to ensure at least read-access to this file.

Once the ULN plug-in is configured, you create the Spacewalk software channels and repositories in the normal way using the Spacewalk web interface. When you specify the URL for a ULN repository, use a URL in the following format:

uln:///<ULN channel label>

For example:

You can get a list of available ULN channel labels by logging in to ULN ( and selecting the Channels tab. 

Additional updates

We've also updated Spacewalk to allow installation with the latest version of the Oracle 11gR2 Instant Client ( available on ULN and OTN. 

Further reading

You can find more information about Spacewalk, including installation and configuration details, on the Spacewalk 2.0 for Oracle Linux 6 Release Notes. Spacewalk for Oracle Linux is free to download and use from and Spacewalk support is included with Oracle Linux Basic and Premier support subscriptions.

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Cisco Live is Cisco’s premier education and training destination for IT professionals worldwide. Oracle will be part of the largest gathering of Cisco customers, experts, and partners anywhere in the world, on May 18-22 in San Francisco.

Cisco is one of our closest partners with more than 20 years of partnership, which covers engineering, joint solutions, sales engagement, support for mutual customers and more. As part of our engineering engagement, Cisco is constantly qualifying and supporting Cisco UCS hardware on Oracle Linux with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel and Oracle VM. 

Oracle had been collaborating with Cisco and Netapp to validate the FlexPod solutions for Oracle Linux and Oracle VM. The combined products give customers access to infrastructure designs that are pre-tested and pre-validated building blocks for application consolidation, private cloud migration or data center modernization. In addition to the benefits of the integrated design and validation, there are specific unique benefits that Oracle VM and Oracle Linux add to Cisco products. You can get more information about these solutions as well as other key advantages of using Oracle Linux and Oracle VM if you visit our booth.

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