Wednesday Jun 27, 2012

Oracle Linux 6.3 RPMs Now Available

The installation media ISO for Oracle Linux 6.3 is still "in the oven" but the RPMs are already available.  You can grab them on ULN, if you have an Oracle Linux support subscription, or anyone can get them from  Oracle Linux 6.3 includes a quarterly update of Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 2 (kernel-uek-2.6.39-200.9.0.el6uek).  To install that kernel, make sure you have the ol6_UEK_latest channel or repo enabled.  Enjoy.

Wednesday Jun 20, 2012


Are you looking for reasons to attend Oracle Openworld, how about below Oracle Linux sessions and hands-on-labs. 

1. General Session: Oracle Linux Strategy and Roadmap 

In this session, Oracle executives will discuss Linux strategy; the roadmap; contributions to the Linux mainline kernel; and what's in store for upcoming releases of Oracle Linux and the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel. Don’t miss this session.

2. New Features in Oracle Linux- A Technical Deep Dive

Collaborating with the Linux community, Oracle engineers contribute to advancing Linux for mission-critical deployments. In this technical session, attendees will learn about the recent developments in Oracle Linux and the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel

3. Why Switch to Oracle Linux? 

Oracle is the only company that provides a complete Linux solution from applications to disk, fully optimized for Oracle hardware and software, with one-stop support. In this session you will hear from two customers that have successfully implemented Oracle Linux and saved 50 to 90 percent on Linux support costs as well as the reasons to switch to Oracle Linux.

4. Debugging and Configuration Best Practices for Oracle Linux

This is one of our best attended sessions and most informative. In this best practices session, learn how to save time and money while preventing headaches and hassles. Discover expert secrets to get your Linux systems up and running (and keep them running), avoid common pitfalls, prevent problems, and circumvent known issues.

5. Top Technical Tips for Automatic and Secure Oracle Linux Deployments

In this session, attendees will learn about how to easily deploy and install Oracle Linux systems using various technologies like Kickstart, Oracle Enterprise Manager OpsCenter, and Oracle VM Templates for applications on Linux. Additionally, the session will share useful Linux security tips and introduce utilities to help with hardening and securely operating an Oracle Linux system.

We also have a great session in Oracle Develop track:

6. DTrace for Oracle Linux

Initially announced at last year's Oracle Openworld, DTrace for Oracle Linux is now available for the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel R.2. In this session held by one of the engineers working on the DTrace for Linux port, you will learn how you can use this powerful and flexible framework in your development environment.

If you prefer to really have practical experience, don’t miss our two Hands-on-Labs where we will cover:

HOL-1 : Oracle Linux Package Management: Configuring and Enabling Services

In this session you will be Installing and configuring Oracle VM VirtualBox, importing the Oracle Linux virtual appliance. You will then use the package management on Oracle Linux using RPM and yum. You will also be able to review Ksplice, zero downtime kernel updates that enable you to apply security updates, patches and critical bug fixes without rebooting.

HOL-2: Oracle Linux Storage Management with LVM and Device Mapper

In this session you will learn about storage management with LVM2, the Linux Logical Volume Manager, Btrfs, preparing block devices, creating physical and logical volumes, creating file systems on top of logical volumes, and resizing file systems dynamically. You will also practice setting up software RAID devices, configuring encrypted block devices.

You will also see Oracle Linux and Kpslice in the three demopods we will feature at Exhibition demogrounds. One in MySQL Connect and two in Oracle Openworld.

What more do you need to come to San Francisco?

Oh, I forgot to mention we also have great weather in fall..

Check out the Content Catalog and register to attend Oracle Linux sessions.

Wednesday Jun 13, 2012

Important glibc Bug Fix Update for Oracle Linux 6 on Intel Systems with AVX Instruction Support

If you run Oracle products on Oracle Linux 6 (or RHEL 6) on Intel-based hardware that supports the Intel Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX), you may encounter illegal instruction errors (SIGILL) that prevent the correct operation of Oracle Database, Fusion Middleware and other applications (both Oracle and third party applications).  It is recommended you install this glibc bug fix update: ELBA-2012-2019.  

 To verify whether your system supports AVX, look for avx in the output of:

# cat /proc/cpuinfo
The updated glibc RPM is available from ULN and from  For more information, see this Oracle Linux Errata notification: ELBA-2012-2019 Oracle Linux 6 glibc bug fix update.  To subscribe to Oracle Linux errata notifications via email, go here.  You can also stay on top of Oracle Linux errata via Twitter: @orcl_uln

Tuesday Jun 05, 2012

Gain Total Control of Systems running Oracle Linux

Oracle Linux is the best Linux for enterprise computing needs and Oracle Enterprise Manager enables enterprises to gain total control over systems running Oracle Linux.

Linux Management functionality is available as part of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and is available to Oracle Linux Basic and Premier Support customers at no cost. The solution provides an integrated and cost-effective solution for complete Linux systems lifecycle management and delivers comprehensive provisioning, patching, monitoring, and administration capabilities via a single, web-based user interface thus significantly reducing the complexity and cost associated with managing Linux operating system environments.

Many enterprises are transforming their IT infrastructure from multiple independent datacenters to an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model, in which shared pools of compute and storage are made available to end-users on a self-service basis. While providing significant improvements when implemented properly, this strategy introduces change and complexity at a time when datacenters are already understaffed and overburdened. To aid in this transformation, IT managers need the proper tools to help them provide the array of IT capabilities required throughout the organization without stretching their staff and budget to the limit.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c offers  the advanced capabilities to enable IT departments and end-users to take advantage of many benefits and cost savings of IaaS. Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c addresses this challenge with a converged approach that integrates systems management across the infrastructure stack, helping organizations to streamline operations, increase productivity, and reduce system downtime.

 You can see the Linux management functionality in action by watching the latest integrated Linux management demo .

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