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CVE-2016-5195/Dirty COW and Ksplice

Last week a serious Linux kernel vulnerability, CVE-2016-5195, nicknamed Dirty COW was announced.  This was a longstanding bug and affected most kernels that are running and was actively being exploited to escalate privileges on real Linux systems.  As soon as the bug was disclosed and the patch was released, the Ksplice team were quickly building and testing zero-downtime updates for over 5,000 supported kernels, in many cases making the fix available as a Ksplice update before a new kernel was released by the OS vendor.  For critical bugs like Dirty COW, Ksplice is not only the easiest way to apply security fixes - Ksplice with autoinstall enabled wouldn't have required any action at all - but it can also be the quickest, releasing fixes before the vendor has even released a new kernel.

With Ksplice you have the peace of mind of receiving quick, reliable fixes for all important security bugs on all of your systems, including kernels over 8 years old, without any disruption and without any action required.  Why not try Ksplice yourself for 30 days on Oracle Linux or RHEL and see how you can avoid disruptive, expensive downtime and stay secure?

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