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Configuring Oracle Linux 7 Instances on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Using OCI Utilities

Julie Wong
Product Management Director

Oracle Linux 7 instances created using Oracle-Provided Images on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) include a pre-installed set of utilities that are designed to facilitate configuration tasks for Oracle Linux instances. These utilities consist of a set command line tools included in the oci-utils RPM package that is pre-installed with the latest Oracle Linux 7 images provided under the ‘Oracle-Provided OS Image’ selection when creating an instance from the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console.

The following OCI utilities are available in the oci-utils package:

  • oci-iscsi-config - Displays and attaches/detaches iSCSI devices on Oracle Linux instances.
  • oci-network-config - Displays instance VNICs, configures secondary VNICs, and auto-synchronizes VNIC IP configurations.
  • oci-network-inspector - Displays network information for an OCI Virtual Cloud Network (VCN), compartment, or tenancy, including the security list, and IP addresses of VNICs and instances.
  • oci-metadata - Queries instance metadata such as the OCI region, availability domain, shape, state, OCID, compartment, and network.
  • oci-public-ip - Displays the instance public IP address.
  • ocid - This is the oci-utils service daemon component.

For more information on OCI utilities and how to use the scripts, visit the following links:






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