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Check out the Oracle talks at KVM Forum 2020

The annual KVM forum conference is next week. It brings together the world's leading experts on Linux virtualization technology to present their latest work. The conference is virtual this year, with live attendance from October 28-30, or check out the recordings once they are available! https://events.linuxfoundation.org/kvm-forum.

We have a good number of engineers from the Oracle Linux kernel development team who will be presenting their work at the forum. 

Alexandre Chartre presents KVM Address Space Isolation, a kernel enhancement that provides a separate kernel address space for KVM when running virtual machines. This provides an extra level of protection against speculative execution exploits, improving security for all, and also was a hot topic at the Linux Plumbers Conference earlier this year.

Ankur Arora tells us how to optimize lock operations in a virtualized kernel, while being able to modify the optimization if conditions on the host change, such as after a live migration. See his talk on Changing Paravirt Lock-ops for a Changing World.

Annie Li talks about Implementing SR-IOV Failover for Windows Guests During Migration, which builds on the failover operation defined by the virtio specification, and enables live migration for Windows clients.

Steve Sistare presents enhancements to QEMU and the Linux kernel that allows the QEMU management process to be updated to the latest version while keeping the guest alive. This enables critical bug fixes, security mitigations, and new features, without rebooting the guest. See QEMU Live Update

Joao Martins guides us Towards an Alternative Memory Architecture. Memory assigned to guests is still tracked by page structs in the host kernel, which is wasteful. With modifications to the DAX sub-system, guest memory can instead be backed by DAX segments, eliminating this overhead.

This is cool and useful stuff, check it out!

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