Wednesday Feb 19, 2014

Webinar:How to Save Time and Cost with Nimble Storage SmartStack for Oracle with Cisco UCS (Feb 25)

When: February 25, 11am PST/2pm EST


Michele Resta, Director of Linux and Virtualization Alliances, Oracle, John McAbel, Senior Product Manager, Cisco and Ibby Rahmani, Solutions Marketing, Nimble Storage 

For CIOs and IT managers, continuously tuning IT infrastructure to support evolving environments, rapidly provisioning more resources to support growing database environments, maintaining services levels and staying within budgets, especially in rapid growth environments is hard. To address these challenges, Nimble Storage, along with Oracle, and Cisco offers a converged infrastructure to deliver adaptive performance with high availability, capacity savings, efficient data protection, and improved staff productivity while handling rapid growth.

In this webinar you will learn how you can benefit from Nimble Storage SmartStack with Oracle and Cisco. The solution provides pre-tested, validated architectures and documented best practices for Oracle Database environments with Oracle Linux with Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel and Oracle VM.

SmartStack, built on best-of-breed components, delivers the performance and reliability needed for deploying Oracle on a single symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) server or Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) on multiple nodes. 

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Wednesday Dec 04, 2013

Oracle Linux and Oracle VM will be Featured at Dell World 2013

Oracle is proud to be a Gold sponsor at Dell World 2013. Join Oracle Linux and Virtualization experts and discover how you can benefit from Oracle software integration with Dell hardware. Our activities include:

Session: Why Choose Oracle Linux for your Oracle Database 12c Deployments

Details: Thursday, 1:30 – 2:30pm, Room 17AB

Speaker: Chris Kawalek, Oracle

Find out how Oracle Linux is optimized for Oracle Database and the benefits of deploying them together on an integrated and fully tested infrastructure.

Theater Presentation: Best Practices for Virtualizing Oracle Database and Oracle Applications with Oracle VM

Details: Thursday, 11:00-11:25am, Expo area (Theater on the right)

Speaker: Chris Kawalek, Oracle

Realize the true potential of virtualization beyond server consolidation using Oracle VM’s application-driven virtualization approach.

Theater Presentation: Dell/Oracle Active Infrastructure 

Details: Thursday, 2:30-2:55pm,  Expo area (Theater on the right)

Speaker: Tom Kopec, Oracle

Get a high level review of the recently announce Dell / Oracle Active Infrastructure.  

Booth  #401G
Come to the Oracle booth on Monday and Tuesday, talk to our experts, pick up free Oracle Linux and Oracle VM software DVD.

We hope to see you at Dell World.

Friday Nov 02, 2012

Oracle Linux / Symantec Partnership

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Tuesday Aug 28, 2012

Oracle Keeps Growing Partner Certifications with Addition of McAfee

Viruses stink. Whether it’s the common cold virus, Goatpox virus – yes it exists -- or a computer virus, you name it, viruses stink. When it comes to our computer server infrastructure we all want to make sure our servers are secure from any malware out there. Additionally, installation of anti-virus software is a requirement by many governments and for many enterprises both large and small.

Because of the growth of Oracle Linux in their customer base, McAfee recently certified their “McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Linux” on Oracle Linux.  It delivers always-on, real-time anti-virus protection for Linux environments. Its unique, Linux-based on-access scanner constantly monitors the system for potential attacks. While there have been few viruses found on Linux, you can now feel secure running Oracle Linux in your infrastructure with McAfee on top.

We are happy to introduce McAfee into the Oracle Linux family of certified applications

Monday Jul 30, 2012

ISV Certification is Accelerating on Oracle Linux

A typical question I receive on a daily basis from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) is how they can work with Oracle to certify their applications on Oracle Linux.  The quick answer I give them is “Paper Cert it!” That might not explain the whole process, but it is that easy. Let me give some background for those who are unfamiliar with Oracle Linux.

Oracle Linux is binary compatible to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). This means your applications will run the same on Oracle Linux as they do on RHEL. That’s because Oracle Linux with the Red Hat compatible kernel is based on RHEL source code. While you can run your full QA on Oracle Linux it generally is not necessary. What I typically hear from an ISV after doing such is “Wow, you guys are right, Oracle Linux is the same as RHEL, we will paper cert from here on out!”  You may not know this, but when it comes to Linux, Oracle only runs Oracle Linux on our infrastructure. We use no RHEL–zero, zip, zilch, nada. Because Oracle is so confident in our binary compatibility to RHEL, Oracle simply “paper certs” or says RHEL is certified for Oracle applications.

If you opt to certify your user space application on Oracle Linux with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel then you can deliver your application on the latest cutting edge, high performance kernel allowing ISV customers to ride the speed demon wave. Since the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel uses the same user space libraries as our Red Hat compatible kernel, userspace applications certified on our compatible kernel are certified on the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel.

Today I spoke with a large ISV who is certifying on Oracle Linux. In the last six months they’ve seen a huge demand for Oracle Linux requests and within the last few weeks have certified their kernel based application on both the compatible kernel and the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel. This scenario is being replicated each week by large and small ISVs as demand is driving them to support their customers’ choice of running applications on Oracle Linux.

Oracle Linux has support from leading ISVs including:  SAP, EMC, HP, BMC, CA, Symantec, BeyondTrust, Microstrategy, Sungard, NetApp, Informatica, McAfee and Quest software just to name a few.

So now you want to certify on Oracle Linux, what’s the next step - who do you contact? Hit the comments section below and ask us to contact you, read our documentation, tweet us @ORCL_Linux or use good ole email with your request, and we’ll share with you how easy it is to certify. We make it easy.

Tuesday Jul 17, 2012

Xeon E5-2600 Server Boards on Oracle HCL

We are happy to announce that Intel Server Boards based on the Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 product family are now certified on Oracle Linux 6.2 with Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 2 and Oracle VM 3.1. The certified servers have gone through comprehensive testing and review by both Intel and Oracle to ensure the complete interoperability between the respective products. The complete list of certified server boards can be obtained from Oracle Linux and Oracle VM hardware certification (HCL) page, as well as from Intel ESAA recipe finder.

The Intel Enabled Solutions Acceleration Alliance (ESAA) gives resellers and direct Intel OEMs access to wide range of pre-validated configuration guides (“recipes”) jointly developed by Intel and independent hardware and software vendors. Similarly, the Oracle Linux and Oracle VM hardware certification program provides a mechanism for hardware vendors to work with Oracle to establish high quality support for the certified hardware. Close collaboration between Oracle and Intel ESAA teams ensures that our mutual customers benefit from the formal server certification and support from both Intel and Oracle. 

Wednesday May 23, 2012

SAP Certifies Oracle Linux 6 including Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel R2

Oracle Linux Momentum Continues with Partners!

Oracle Linux momentum continues as more and more third party providers now support the latest releases of Oracle Linux.

Joining the large number of ISVs that have certified with the latest release of Oracle Linux 6 is SAP. The certification specifically includes Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel R2. Read the details on SAP's website.

Check out the latest technology updates on Oracle Linux and find out why we offer more value to customers.

Wednesday May 02, 2012

Accelerate your Linux Deployments with Oracle Validated Configurations

For those who are not familiar, Oracle Validated Configurations enable easier, faster, and lower-cost deployment of Oracle Linux and Oracle VM solutions in the enterprise. The program offers pre-tested, validated architectures, with documented best practices for software, hardware, storage, and network components. This integrated approach helps improve the performance, scalability, and reliability of solutions, with faster, lower-cost implementations. This industry-wide program is accepted and endorsed by partners as a way to document best practice deployments of their products in Oracle's Linux and virtualized environments.

Oracle Validated Configurations provide unique value to the customers as the integrated stack, including hardware and software, goes through rigorous testing to ensure that different pieces work together in the most effective way. This means customers do not have to do any additional testing in their own environments. Moreover, customers can get support for the individual pieces of the Oracle Validated Configurations in exactly same way as they get support for any other Oracle and partner products. Oracle and the participating ISV and IHV partners have joint support processes to address any customer issues that may come up with the Oracle Validated Configuration.

For reference, some of the recent Oracle Validated Configurations are listed below. For a complete list, please visit Published Validated Configurations.

Server Platform
Storage Model
Oracle Software
Linux Distribution
HP ProLiant DL385 G7
Huawei Symantec S6800T
Oracle Database 11g R2 (
Oracle Linux 5 Update 7
HP ProLiant DL385 G7
EMC Clariion CX4-240
Oracle Database 11g R2 (
Oracle Linux 5 Update 8
Sun Fire X6270 M3
Sun ZFS Storage Appliance 7420
Oracle Database 11g R2 (
Oracle Linux 5 Update 7
Sun Fire X4270 M3
Sun ZFS Storage Appliance 7420
Oracle Database 11g R2 (
Oracle Linux 5 Update 7
Sun Fire X4170 M3
Sun ZFS Storage Appliance 7420
Oracle Database 11g R2 (
Oracle Linux 5 Update 7
Dell PowerEdge R620
Dell Compellent SC040
Oracle Database 11g R2 (
Oracle Linux 5 Update 7

For more details about the Oracle Validated Configuration program, please visit the FAQ page.

Thursday Apr 12, 2012

Oracle Linux and Oracle VM Hardware Certification Program

The Oracle Linux and Oracle VM are continuing to see growth in IHV (Independent Hardware Vendor) ecosystem. The Oracle Linux and Oracle VM Hardware Certification Program, also referred as HCL, provides a formal means for hardware vendors to work with Oracle to establish high quality support for the certified hardware platform. Since the beginning of the program, number of hardware partners have certified range of server platforms on Oracle Linux and Oracle VM. Currently, HCL lists over 400 certifications from 10 server vendors and the list continues to grow at a rapid pace.

New hardware certification involves close collaboration between Oracle and server partner to ensure that adequate testing is performed on the target server and results are thoroughly reviewed. This rigorous process ensures that when new hardware platform is listed on HCL, it has full support from both Oracle and the respective partner. Additionally, once a certification is achieved with Oracle Linux with the current version of Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel, future minor updates of the software continue to carry over the certification, reducing the need for a re-certification.

For the complete list of certified hardware, please visit Oracle Linux and Oracle VM Certified Hardware. Also refer to Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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