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Announcing the release of Docker 17.03 CE

Avi Miller
Senior Manager

Oracle is pleased to announce the release of Docker 17.03 CE (Community Edition) for Oracle Linux 7.

Docker allows you to create and distribute applications across Oracle Linux systems and other operating systems that support Docker. Docker consists of the Docker Engine, which packages and runs the applications, and the Docker Hub and Docker Store, which share the applications in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud.


Docker 17.03 CE and later versions will only be made available on Oracle Linux 7 (x86_64). The terminal release for Docker on Oracle Linux 6 is 1.12.6.

Notable Updates

Changes to the upstream Docker release cycle bring about a new versioning scheme that uses date variables (YY.MM) in the version name to indicate when a version was released upstream.

The upstream default storage driver for Docker was changed from devicemapper to overlay2. This change can cause problems on systems using an XFS-formatted file system that is not created with the -n ftype=1 option enabled. Since the root partition on Oracle Linux 7 is automatically formatted with -n ftype=0 when XFS is selected as the file system, Oracle has reverted the default storage driver to use devicemapper to ensure that Docker is ready-to-use on newly installed systems.

Please review the Upgrading Docker section of the Oracle Linux 7 Docker User's Guide before upgrading, if you are currently using the overlay2 storage driver, to determine if storage migration is required during the upgrade.

SElinux is not supported in Enforcing mode when the overlay2 storage driver is used. Please switch to either Permissive mode or disable SElinux.

Docker Swarm functionality is provided as a Technology Preview.


To learn more about how to install or upgrade Docker on Oracle Linux, please review the Oracle Linux 7 Docker User's Guide. Oracle products are made available as Docker images on the Oracle Container Registry.

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