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  • June 15, 2018

Announcing Oracle Linux Storage Appliance 1.7 for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Julie Wong
Product Management Director

We are pleased to announce the release of Oracle Linux Storage Appliance 1.7. The Oracle Linux Storage Appliance allows you to easily build NFS and Samba shared storage with attached NVMe or block volumes on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

What’s New

The 1.7 release introduces several new enhancements including:

  • Appliance instance migration – This lets you migrate the appliance onto a new OCI compute instance. With a few steps, the appliance can be migrated and deployed on another compute instance, and the block volumes storage pool is re-configured on the new instance. This is useful when you need to deploy your appliance on a compute  instance with additional OCPU and memory resources, and without having to rebuild your existing file system server. No shared file systems are migrated during the appliance migration, as they remain on the existing block volumes.

  • Support for dynamic groups through instance principals – When the appliance instance is configured as part of an OCI dynamic group, you no longer need to configure service access on the appliance console to back up and restore shares using the OCI object storage service. If you have configured credentials for OCI service access on the appliance console, this will take precedence over the instance’s dynamic group authentication on OCI.

  • Exports Mount and Map command-line tool – This feature auto-generates NFS export mount and SMB export map commands and pre-populates parameters so that you can easily copy and paste the command line to mount your NFS and SMB share exports in your cloud tenancy.

  • Web console UI enhancements – Additional appliance platform information including the OCI shape type, instance name, and creation timestamp are now displayed on the console 'Appliance' page.

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